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Centrifugal extraction machine extract fennel anise extracts of industrial value

by:Deyuan      2020-08-27
Anise star mainly includes the chemical composition of volatile oil, flavonoids, lignans material and sesquiterpenoids lipids. The volatile oil is the main economic value, some flavonoids also have important pharmacological effects. Anise star anise processing is still limited in China, each year about 95% used as spices, only 5% used as medicine. Due to the chemical composition of star anise has not yet fully understand, is for the use of star anise only trans anethole and for the development of shikimic acid.
days extraction was investigated on industrial mass production of different extraction yield of star anise oil extraction equipment, the results show that the general used in mass production centrifugal extraction machine extraction no matter from the aspects of oil yield efficiency or quality, are better than that of extraction tower extraction and extraction tank extraction method. The results show that the use of centrifugal extraction machine oil rate is significantly higher than other extraction equipment. The standard of the quality of guangxi star anise theory basis.
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