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Centrifugal extraction machine extract production of lithium carbonate from salt lake brine process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-28
Lithium carbonate is the production of secondary lithium and lithium metal products of base material, and thus become the dosage of lithium industry's largest lithium products, its other lithium products there are lots of lithium carbonate on the downstream products. Production technology of lithium carbonate differ according to the source of raw material can be divided into salt lake brine extraction and ore extraction. At present, the major foreign lithium carbonate was produced by salt lake brine extraction technology, our country mainly adopts the solid ore extraction process. Although our country also in the exploitation of salt lake lithium resources actively, but due to the limitation of factors such as technology, resources, development speed is relatively slow.
production of lithium carbonate due to the difference of the raw materials, production process is also different. The production of lithium carbonate process mainly spodumene, salt lake brine, sea water as a raw material for extraction of preparing lithium carbonate production process. This paper mainly introduces the process features of lithium from salt lake brine extraction process.
lithium salt lake brine extraction process refers to the salt lake brine extracted from lithium carbonate, lithium and other lithium products. Currently used in the world of salt lake � � � water extraction technology are mainly precipitation ( Carbonate precipitation, aluminum acid salt precipitation, boric magnesium and boron, lithium coprecipitation) , calcine leaching method, carbonization method, solvent extraction, ion exchange method, the solvent extraction and ion exchange method is not implemented large-scale industrial application.
in salt lake brine as raw material for making lithium carbonate, has realized industrial production is the main process of natural evaporation concentration - Sodium carbonate precipitation and solvent extraction.
natural evaporation concentration - Sodium carbonate precipitation extracting lithium carbonate
natural evaporation concentration - Sodium carbonate precipitation method is the use of solar energy in the heart of the evaporation pool lithium brine evaporation and concentration, for natural when lithium content reach the appropriate concentration, by boron, removing the separation process, such as magnesium, calcium and then adding soda ash to make lithium in the form of lithium carbonate precipitates out. This technological process is simple, low energy consumption, low cost, less suitable content of alkaline earth metal, magnesium lithium brine than low, otherwise it will cause too much with alkaline and lithium salt loss serious. Process more complex, this method of alkali consumption is larger, but has greater improvement in recent years, has become the main method of the salt lake brine extracting lithium.
solvent extraction technology to extract lithium carbonate
solvent extraction technology used in the salt lake brine lithium has already been paid great attention by people, lithium is extracted from low grade salt lake brine, the most effective methods of extracting lithium from salt lake brine system with single extraction system and two kinds of synergistic extraction system. The extraction process with tributyl phosphate ester as extraction solvent, hydrochloric acid as extraction agent. Iron trichloride as the complexing agent, the multi-stage countercurrent extraction and reverse extraction, acid washing, such as phase, extraction liquid discharge, use empty return organic phase extraction stage. Get the extract of the finished product process of evaporation concentration, roasting, leaching, removing impurities, evaporation and concentration, soda ash precipitation and preparing lithium carbonate products, its process flow as shown:

solvent extraction of the biggest advantage is suitable for extracting lithium carbonate from than magnesia lithium salt lake brine, and the technology is feasible; But in the extraction process to deal with large amount of brine and bigger to the corrosion of the equipment, thus in the process of implementing higher requirements to the material equipment. So as the process of the high quality requirements, tianyi extraction in extraction equipment is developed on the basis of past. cwl new centrifugal extraction machine, the equipment used in chemical industry with strong corrosion resistance, compared with the traditional van and extraction tower equipment, under the effect of centrifugal force, the remaining time is short, split phase quickly, to adapt to the wide range of flow ratio, and processing power; By changing the weir plate and frequency control of motor speed can satisfy the different density and viscosity of liquid materials.
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