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Centrifugal extraction machine extracted red clover isoflavones extract grass technology research

by:Deyuan      2020-08-26
Red clover is adversity-resistant perennial herbaceous plants, also known as red 3 leaf, red clover, red glycine grass, red trefoil in the Netherlands, golden bird food, such as clover, is a clover. Red clover grassland in southwest Asia and Europe, in Europe and Russia, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and other countries widely cultivated oceanic climate region. Red clover in China's xinjiang, jilin, yunnan-guizhou plateau, western hubei mountainous region of hubei province has wild, in addition our country jianghuai basin, south China, southwest and other places have cultivated, is our country excellent leguminous forage grass area south of the Yangtze river basin.
on industrial production using ethanol as extracting agent, can avoid the poisonous and harmful substances residues. This research through the extraction process of ethanol concentration, temperature, liquid ratio, extraction time, extraction times and other factors influencing the extraction yield of red clover isoflavones in single factor experiment and orthogonal experiment, determine the process parameters.
ethanol solubility is good, ability to penetrate the cell. The figure 1 shows that with the increase of ethanol concentration, extraction yield also increase, when the ethanol concentration of 70%, isoflavone compounds solubility, high extraction efficiency; And then adding ethanol concentration, isoflavone compounds solubility decreases, and at the same time some alcohol soluble impurities, pigment, fat sex strong affinity ingredients dissolution quantity increase, these ingredients and isoflavone compounds competition with ethanol and water molecules, which result in the withdrawal rate of isoflavone compounds.
in other conditions under the premise of the same, increase the frequency can improve the isoflavone extraction yield, but not increase, when reach level 4 centrifugal extraction machine series has been basically to red clover isoflavones extracted completely, considering that under the condition of the industrialization, increasing extraction times not only solvent consumption, and cause the energy waste, and bring order after enrichment is difficult, so general centrifugal extraction machine series 1 ~ 3 times.
with the increase of extraction temperature, extraction yield of isoflavones also will increase, when the temperature reached 70 ℃, the extraction rate is high, and when the temperature rises extraction yield lower instead. This is because the temperature, molecular motion speed, penetration, diffusion, dissolution rate is accelerated, at the same time, high temperature can cause the change of cell membrane structure, make the isoflavone compounds from red clover outer cells transferred to solvents, therefore, with the increase of extraction temperature isoflavone extraction rate increases; But too high temperature may cause isoflavone compounds structure by oxidative damage results in the decrease of its withdrawal rate, increase the dissolubility of impurities and high temperature.
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