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Centrifugal extraction machine extracting citric acid

by:Deyuan      2020-08-14
Centrifugal extraction machine extract citric acid has the advantages of low consumption of chemical raw materials, the process is simple, cover an area of small, light intensity of labor, without producing gypsum etc, and is a promising technology, tianyi extraction after years of research and experimentation, now centrifugal extraction machine extract citric acid technology already quite mature.
from citric acid fermentation liquor composition, the process of extracting agent request first is selective. For extraction solvent insoluble impurities such as reducing sugar, protein. So after multi-stage countercurrent extraction, discharge of water phase is the liquid waste containing impurities. The extraction phase and water as the solvent on the extraction, citric acid aqueous solution, after purification, concentration, crystallization, and get the product. Centrifugal extraction machine extract citric acid process as shown:
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