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Centrifugal extraction machine extracting magnesium from natural solution

by:Deyuan      2020-08-13
Centrifugal extraction machine from natural solution to extract magnesium technology is already relatively mature, sea water, salt lake brine and contain magnesium, especially, brine through enrichment process, the concentration of magnesium is already high, meet dozens of grams per liter, is more economic and reasonable raw material. From the separation and enrichment of magnesium in seawater is usually added Ca ( 哦) 2 precipitation.
salt brine or after insolation enrichment crystallization of potassium chloride salt lake water, magnesium chloride concentrations are very high, do not have to concentration, but need to purify the subtraction. There are differences between the various processes, with different raw materials, some adding barium chloride in addition to the sulfuric acid root; If contain bromide, need to chlorine oxidation produce Br2 and removal recycling. The objective is to get the pure magnesium chloride solution, and increase the comprehensive economic benefits. Centrifugal extraction machine extracting magnesium from natural solution process as shown:

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