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Centrifugal extraction machine extraction Au and platinum group metal deposits

by:Deyuan      2020-09-04
Centrifugal extraction machine extraction platinum group metal deposits and Au
autoclave after discharging pulp thick part of the cycle, part of the filter to process the next after recycling process. Gold and platinum group metals in solution is precipitated the first objective of the recycling.
in 2001, the first PLATSOLTM pilot report, is to use SOz reduction Fe3 & # 39; Recovery of precious metals by sulfide precipitation from the mother liquor.
in recent half an industrial test, an improved test of precious metals recycling method. From to nickel, drill recycling material liquid copper sulfide precipitation of copper production, used for recovery of precious metals. Copper sulfide stick in the precious metal solid surface, leading to the enrichment products deep processing of next step. The improved technology is proved to be stable and flexible, and is beneficial to reduce the iron content in the solution, using SOz gas CuS least needed for the precipitation of Au and precious metals.
Fe reduction:
Fee ( S04) 3 + 502 + 2 fes04 h20 = 2 + 2 hzs04
Au deposits:
2 + 3 + 3 hzs0a cus haucla = 2 Au + 3 hc1 cus0a + 8 + 3 s
precipitation Pt:
HzPtC1} CuS + 2 + 2 hzs0a = Pt + 2 hc1 CuS0a + 6 + 2 S
Pd precipitation:
HzPdCla + CuS + HzSOa = Pd + CuS0a + 4 hc1 + S
from the autoclave solution recovery of gold, platinum, is done with CuS precipitation in pilot plant. Through the thick/classification to collect deposits. Gold, platinum, the precipitation recycling to concentrate well, every time the recovery rate of more than 99. 5%. Losses in precious metals and Au deposits in the amount of residual metal can be neglected.
in 2005, the industrial test of 4 kg of gold deposits, the results of the analysis for the Au: 56 g/t, Pt: 2118 / t, Pd: 9078 / t. Most of the precipitation containing Cu 35. 7%,49%。 Intermittent experiment leaching again except Cu, S, analysis results show that the total content of Au of 1. 6% or 000 g/t 16, recycling the Au, Pt, Pd solution to the recovery of base metal. Solution acidity is too high, before the Cu extraction must be neutralized.
solution not extraction method of extraction of copper in acidic solution. Thus, neutralizing excess acid in high pressure leaching liquid in advance is the key to improving copper recovery.
neutralization process half an industrial test was carried out in three sections and loop, using lime milk neutralization. Gypsum products through thick, returned 300% gypsum as seed precipitation process, so as to promote gypsum long thick, settlement and crystallization.
neutralization reaction is as follows:
HzS04 + CaC03 + H20 = CaS04 · 2 H20 +. coz gypsum precipitation:
in the pilot CaSOa excess 99% because of using 300% returns. The analysis of gypsum products are shown in table 3. In the pilot production of the chemical quality of the synthetic gypsum, physical properties and color, suitable for gypsum board market in the United States. If the origin of synthetic gypsum can be finalized, gypsum tailings will not fill with substrate of tailings, the originally designed to keep wet leaching residue. Gypsum will be partly offset by the value of the concentration of sulfur oxide into sulfate and the cost of consumption of oxygen, and the purchase cost of lime.
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