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Centrifugal extraction machine extraction hydrocarbon solvents

by:Deyuan      2020-09-01
Hydrocarbon solvents including hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbon and halon 3 kinds. Research shows that the centrifugal extraction machine with naphtha extraction water of resorcinol, nitrophenol. The nitro phenol removal rate can reach 95. 8%
hydrocarbon solvent is used most frequently aromatic hydrocarbon extraction agent. Commonly used with benzene, toluene, isopropyl benzene and onion oil, etc. Such as salicylic acid production of phenol in waste water can be used in the fixed bed extraction tower, tower can install raschig ring, when the water is continuous phase and extraction rate can reach 83% when the waste water is dispersed phase, the extraction rate was 70%, and in the mechanical pulse tower with benzene extraction, extraction rate can reach 98% - 99. 8.
crude toluene extraction phenol effect than crude benzene or pure toluene as good, if add 2 ethyl alcohol ( 5%) , are better than isopropyl ether extraction results.
never put off till tomorrow what you can produce phenol wastewater with isopropyl benzene method, the separation to remove phenol available isopropyl benzene solvent.
onion oil because of cheap, extraction effect is good, therefore is also widely used. Kind of oil and other solvents diluted to 5% 15% extraction agent and the water than a 1: ( 3 - — 5) , after processing, waste water containing phenol concentration can be reduced from 750 mg/L to 20 ^ - — 50 mg/L。 Oil in the wastewater is 100 - — 150 mg/L . Onion oil at 300 ℃ distillation recycling, recycling water can be used in the processing of coal.
extraction using days centrifugal extraction machine, wastewater treatment, not only to reduce the environmental pollution, can also use the secondary save energy effectively, zhengzhou days centrifugal extraction machine is a real green environmental protection equipment
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