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Centrifugal extraction machine extraction hydrometallurgy research status of low grade zinc oxide ore

by:Deyuan      2020-09-01
Low grade zinc oxide ore smelting is the research emphasis in recent years, its main performance to improve the low grade zinc oxide ore recovery rate and reduce consumption. Acid leaching and alkali leaching system is often used for low grade zinc oxide ore hydrometallurgy processing. System elaborated the acid leaching and alkali soaking method in recent years, metallurgy system, and analyzed the advantage of the ammonia leaching metallurgical technology of alkali leaching system.
with the development of the zinc smelting industry, the zinc sulphide became dried up, people pay more and more attention to the development and utilization of zinc oxide ore. According to the mass fraction of zinc oxide ( Grade) 5-25%, — 35% of rich ore, less than 25% for low grade zinc oxide ore. Zinc oxide ore resources are abundant in southwest in China, the industrial value of zinc oxide mineral smithsonite and willemite, hemimorphite, water red zinc and zinc, etc. Zinc oxide ore contains a large number of metal impurity, such as lead, iron, copper and etc, the mineral phase is very complex, it is difficult to choose, and the selection of flotation reagents, the mineral surface modification are more difficult. With the rapid increase of human demand for metal materials and the world increasingly shortage of mineral resources, makes to extract valuable metals from low grade ore become research focus in recent years in the field of metallurgy.
the main zinc smelting process with wet leaching of zinc oxide ore process and method of smelting process. Method zinc raw ore containing zinc oxide with carbon reduction, resulting in metal zinc, zinc smelting common distillation. In distillation in zinc smelting process, first will be a mixture of zinc oxide and carbon materials are heated to a temperature of about 1 373 K, the reduction of the zinc vapor, then condense into liquid zinc in zinc steam into the condenser. Distillation methods mainly include zinc blast furnace smelting zinc, zinc smelting, vertical electric furnace zinc smelting zinc smelting of peace. Wet zinc smelting process is mainly composed of roasting, leaching, purification and electrolytic process. The essence of which is dilute sulphuric acid and zinc calcine reaction of zinc sulfate solution, purification from purification liquid CLP parsing out again after removing impurity metal zinc, the zinc ingot is acquired by casting. Method zinc with high energy consumption, process complex and low comprehensive recovery of valuable metals, wet smelting technology and has the advantage of energy saving, clean production, conform to the national policy for energy conservation and emissions reduction in China. Wet zinc smelting technology at present, large-scale production mainly adopts the conventional acid leaching method, oxygen pressure acid leaching of zinc sulfide and ammonia leaching processing low grade zinc oxide ore is 5 000 t/a pilot enlarge scale research, therefore, the author intends to centrifugal extraction machine extraction of low-grade zinc wet treatment system were discussed, so as to provide certain theoretical reference for zinc smelting industry. Low grade zinc wet processing method mainly include acid leaching system and alkaline leaching system.
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