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Centrifugal extraction machine extraction in coal tar wastewater containing phenols matter

by:Deyuan      2020-08-21
Coal tar is one of the important products of coking industry, its production accounted for about 3% ~ 4% of the furnace charging coal, its composition is very complex, in most cases is by coal tar industry after separation and purification. Tar the fraction further processing, can be isolated from a variety of products, such as camphor ball, asphalt, plastic, pesticide, etc.
in the process of coal tar is from coal coking get a black or dark brown sticky liquid, specific gravity greater than water soluble and special odor, flammable and corrosive, coal tar is generated from coal pyrolysis gas in the coking industry, one of the main containing benzene, toluene, xylene, naphthalene, anthracene, such as aromatic hydrocarbon, and aromatic oxygen-containing compounds ( Such as phenol phenolic compounds) , heterocyclic compounds containing nitrogen, sulfur and other organic matter. Harm

coal tar coal tar can make the light skin allergy, exposed parts quickly swelling and pain, even bulla, some patients can have general symptoms such as headache, nausea, fever. Contains benzene suppresses human hematopoietic function, can cause the decrease of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets caused by a variety of diseases, have local stimulation to the skin and mucous membranes, inhaled or absorbed through the skin can cause poisoning.

the main purpose of recovery of coal tar component ( 1) Naphthalene: used for preparing phthalic anhydride, for the production of resin, engineering plastics, dyes, paint and medicine, etc.
   ( 2) Phenol, phenol and its homologue production of synthetic fibers, engineering plastics, pesticides, medicine, fuel intermediates, explosive and so on.
   ( 3) Knead anthracene: anthraquinone fuel, synthetic agent and paint.
   ( 4) Phenanthrene, anthracene isomers, content after naphthalene, has many USES, because of the large production, it needs further development and utilization.
   ( 5) Carbazole: dye, the important raw materials in plastics and pesticides.

   ( 6) Asphalt, tar distillation residue shall, for a variety of polycyclic mixture of polymer compounds. For making the roof coatings, moistureproof layer and building roads, asphalt production coke and electric furnace electrode, etc.

extraction method to extract in coal tar wastewater containing phenols matter
phenol content in coal tar accounted for about a third or so, if isolated high value-added phenolic substances as chemical raw materials, can reduce the production cost of chemical intermediates, to improve the comprehensive utilization value. In the process of phenol for coal tar, however, will produce certain waste water, although these wastewater quantity is little, but the phenol content high, because of phenol is highly toxic and refractory organic compounds, deal with will not only endanger human body health, will cause serious environmental pollution. Treatment of phenol by the traditional methods, however, the degradation rate is very low, even could not be degraded. Extraction can be obtained in lower reaction temperature and pressure good pollutant removal effect, especially suitable for dealing with high concentration, hard degradation, toxic and harmful organic pollutants.
with removing phenol extraction method, has the equipment is small in size, the characteristics of high efficiency, low dosage of extraction agent, can save a lot of the cost of extracting agent, removing phenol rate above 98%. The current domestic companies in industrial wastewater emissions about 40 billion tons, including industrial waste water containing phenol about 0. Around 5%, about 2 billion tons. According to market research and forecasts domestic around 30% of the total discharge of industrial waste water containing phenol extraction method can be used to take off the phenol, total need thousands of above extraction equipment.
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