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Centrifugal extraction machine extraction of chromium element of chromium slag process principle

by:Deyuan      2020-09-07
In chrome ore mining, the chromium slag is the main industrial solid waste, has a great deal of environmental harm. How to extraction separation from chromium slag chromium element, make the resource recycling, and reduce the pollution to the environment is to solve the leading cause of chromium slag. Through a large number of experiments, the tianyi extraction. cwl - to develop M series centrifugal extraction machine, choose 1 - Octyl - 3 - Four fluoboric acid methyl imidazole salt ionic liquid as the extractant, amyl alcohol diluent, can effectively extract isolated chromium element of chromium slag.

for now, chrome slag extraction separation of chromium element method mainly include precipitation, adsorption, ion exchange resin method, extraction method, etc. Including precipitation, adsorption and ion exchange resin method such as the traditional method has the advantages of simple technology, but the process of production will produce large amounts of waste water, the pollutant capacity is big, easy to cause the secondary pollution. Compared with the former several separation methods, extraction method is more dominant.

the extraction of chromium, chromium slag extraction section

in the first place, with amyl alcohol solvent, according to a given configuration of extractant concentration organic phase. Then organic facies namely acid chromium slag raw material liquid immersion in a certain proportion in the centrifugal extraction machine, with the aid of the rotation of the drum, through the turbine disc and the impeller to make two phase mixing and dispersing quickly, two phase solution fully mass transfer, mixing and mass transfer process. Mixture again after the effect of drum centrifugal force through two separate out of the body side by side.

2, organic instead extraction section

in the extraction section at the end of the organic phase to the extraction of load chromium element, be recycled solvent recycle. Load organic facies extraction liquid into the centrifugal extraction machine, after the extraction solvent separated from chromium element, implementation of solvent recycle.

element chromium chromium slag extraction process flow diagram:

extraction. cwl - zhengzhou days M type centrifugal extraction machine in chromium slag extraction process in advantage:

1, high processing efficiency, large quantity: 1 - the capacity of new extraction equipment can do 150 cubic meters per hour, separation effect is very good at the same time, for small density difference of the material has good extraction, split phase effect.

2, a high degree of automation: hydrometallurgy production line in longer, use multiple devices in series. A high degree of automation, can not only detect the data better, and easier to operation management.

3, more energy efficient: under the condition of same capacity, its power consumption is a traditional annular type centrifugal extraction machine 1/10 ~ 1/3.

4, good corrosion resistance: the equipment can be used perfluorinated polymer materials, resistant to strong acid, Hydrochloric acid and mixed acid, etc. ) The corrosion.

related extraction equipment figure:

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