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Centrifugal extraction machine extraction operation droplet movement research

by:Deyuan      2020-08-18
Most practical extraction operation is through the contact between the continuous phase and dispersed phase droplets, in order to estimate the mass transfer characteristics of droplet group, centrifugal extraction machine extraction operation droplet movement is essential to study, preferred to a single droplet motion and mass transfer of the necessary research, because of single droplet is simple, is relatively easy to synchronize the corresponding theoretical study, a typical single droplet experiment device can change the size of different needle, can produce different size of droplets, but it must be a steady control injection rate of dispersed phase, in order to get uniform droplets, the size of the bottom out of coagulation and the rate of dispersed phase should be to make the phase interface position at the bottom of the cone height, so that we can make droplet condensation and cone bottom mass transfer caused by the error of the phase interface is reduced, droplet formation stage of mass transfer is the experimental determination of droplet mass transfer coefficient is one of the side effects. Usually estimate the effect of the method is to change the height of the droplet movement interval repeat experiments, and then pass on quality extrapolation to the height of 0, side effects, measures should be taken to reduce the side effect, make the droplets free rising phase measurement more accurate. Centrifugal extraction machine extraction operation droplet movement studies in the very great degree can improve the work efficiency.
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