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Centrifugal extraction machine extraction phenol rate and effect

by:Deyuan      2020-09-01
Industrial waste water containing phenol, which causes serious damage to the environment and human has become the common concern in environmental experts around the world one of the important topics in this paper, the centrifugal extraction in addition of phenol extraction machine gauge rate and summarizes the research situation.
1。 Solubility law
the rule of miscibility and structural similarity, van der Waals force and hydrogen bonding and hydrogen bond quantity, strong or weak.
2 factors affecting extraction process
extraction process can be thought of as being extracts in the water phase and organic phase competition between two dissolution process. There are hydrogen bonding between water molecules in the aqueous phase and van der Waals force with Aq Aq said this effect. Being M soluble in water phase extraction, first of all destroy some of Aq - in the water phase Aq, combining to form the cavity to hold M. Generate the M - at the same time Aq, combining; In the organic phase. Solvent molecules also exists between the above reaction. This effect to S - S said, extraction, M dissolve in organic phase, to destroy the S - first S combination, form the cavity for M, M - generated at the same time S combination, so various influence factors of extraction, can through to analysis the influence of various forces.
3 being water phase extraction effect
1) Child hydration
from the point of energy analysis, EAq - Aq is larger, more conducive to extract; From analysis, ion hydration ion potential z2 / r is the strength of hydrated, the greater the more unfavorable to extract.
ion hydration have ionic charge effect and the effect of the ionic radius of two factors. Ion with electric charge Z is smaller, the more conducive to extraction. For the same ion charge number, the bigger the radius r more easily by extraction; To neutral molecules, due to the hydration effect is very weak, vulnerable to extraction.
2) Hydrophilic group role is
extraction contains groups such as - to generate hydrogen bond 噢,- NH2、- NH、 - COOH、- S03H etc, which is unfavorable for extraction.
3) Loss of hydrophilic effect
all can eliminate the effect of ions or molecules hydration for extraction. Extractant HA with Mn + generated neutral rock compound, be helpful for extraction, the TBP and neutral extraction agent and neutral inorganic salt as UO2 ( N03) 2 · xHZU complexation, edging out the coordination of water molecules, is advantageous to the extraction; Unsaturated rock compound of coordination number, still have hydration molecule, is not conducive to extraction. Generated by adding neutral squeeze out the water molecules, the extracting agent of extraction complex, is advantageous to the extraction.
in addition. Hydrolysis extraction suppression complexation and metal ions, etc. , have an adverse effect on extraction, extraction complexation and salting out effect for extraction.
2 is the effect of the extraction and organic phase
from the energy point of view, the greater the EMs for extraction. When the M and S generated hydrogen bond, which is beneficial to extraction, such large ammonia salt extraction agent of cation can metal complex anion of associating with water phase and organic phase extraction people, large metal cation extractant anion and the water phase association and extraction into the organic phase. That big ion complexing system is helpful to extract.
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