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Centrifugal extraction machine extraction process complexes formed

by:Deyuan      2020-08-17
Because most of the extraction process is the formation of the complexes, therefore, must understand the centrifugal extraction machine extraction process complexes formed in the solution process, because of the complexes is balanced and classification are discussed in this to be so.
in the inorganic chemical complexes formed in the process of centrifugal extraction machine extraction process, already know that by two or more than two molecules or ions containing lone pair electrons with a empty valence electrons orbit the center of the structure of atoms, or ions in combination with a unit called cooperate unit, take charge of the cooperation unit called complex ion, with the opposite charge with ions of neutral compounds called complexes, whether it's worthy to cation or anion, are made of a metal ion and a certain number of anion or neutral molecules, the former is called the center of the complex ion ion, the latter as the complex ion dentate. A central ions can combine with a base mesh as the coordination number.
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