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Centrifugal extraction machine for industrial extraction of olive leaf extract

by:Deyuan      2020-08-30
Olive leaf extract main source of olive tree, also known as olea column o, qi block fruit, cloth. Olive leaf extract is oleaceae osmanthus fragrans lam evergreen trees, is a world famous woody oil plants and fruit with tree species and cultivars had higher nutritional value, rich in high quality edible vegetable oil - — Olive leaf extract oil, as the famous tropical fruit trees and important economic trees.
for a long time, the main use of the fresh fruit became known as the 'queen of vegetable oil,' said the olive leaf extract oil, and laid, Every winter for olive tree pruning to produce a large number of olive leaf extract leaf) Use is still very insufficient. Analysis shows that modern biotechnology, olive leaf extract contains a large number of bioactive substances, the antioxidant activity compounds from olive leaf extract fruit is more outstanding, especially the crack cycloalkene ether terpenoids ( Bitter glucoside olive leaf extract as the main component) Mainly exist in olive leaf extract leaf.
days extraction with solvent extraction technology of olive leaves the extraction of effective constituents, at all stages of processing, using centrifugal extraction machine can achieve rapid extraction and separation of two phase, laid a solid foundation for industrial application.
. cwl type centrifugal extraction separator according to certain way together, can realize continuous production, and it � � � greatly improve production efficiency.
because the whole process of wastewater quantity is small, can greatly lessen the pressure of wastewater treatment, can reduce the production cost directly.
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