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Centrifugal extraction machine for wastewater treatment plant capacity development

by:Deyuan      2020-09-14
Centrifugal extraction machine is due to the function of wastewater treatment plant capacity, thus set up by the administrative departments of limit, a lot of reconstruction of the secondary treatment plants factory facilities for biological nutrient removal and recycling water. Even requires some processing output is close to the water quality of drinking water, in many cases, due to the expansion of capital restrictions, some factory more than design load operation. Centrifugal extraction machine at the same time, the function of wastewater treatment plant capacity, thus more and more emphasis on the reliability of operation, in some instances, even because of a slight discrepancy on water quality standards, treatment plant has been cited, operating department received punishment. Finally due to improve efficiency and reduce waste water factory construction and the needs of the operation cost, infrastructure construction and operation of privatization has entered the field of wastewater. Centrifugal extraction machine of the phenol removal from wastewater in waste water has been widely used in industry.
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