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Centrifugal extraction machine for wood preservation process containing phenol wastewater treatment process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-21
Wood preservation, is letting timber from the technology of worms, bacteria and other organisms erosion. Widely used in the rod material, timber, plate protection processing, in order to prolong the service life of wood and reducing the consumption of wood, in the process of wood preservation technology tend to produce large amounts of waste water containing phenol, if not strictly governance, is bound to severe effects on the environment. In this paper from wood preservation plant wastewater composition analysis, studies the centrifugal extraction machine for wood preservation process containing phenol wastewater treatment process.
the processing of wood preservation method
1. Pressure antiseptic method
this kind of method is put lumber in a with a long cylindrical pressure jar airtight cover, after filling the preservative sealing pressure forced preservatives into the wood, until meet the quality requirements and the injection depth preservatives uptake.
2。 Hot cold trough the antiseptic method
wood in a hot bath heating, air cell cavity heat expansion, part escape out of the wood; After wood into cold trough, cell cavity air for cooling and contraction, cell cavity produce negative pressure and suction preservatives. Therefore, using this method processing wood, wood must be fully dry. Corrosion by hot cold trough method, applicable to the sapwood and antiseptic timber.
3。 Room temperature immersion method
in this way is a preservative for wood in normal temperature for processing. For the antiseptic easily and dry wood, can obtain good effect. Immersion time from a few hours to a few days, according to the tree species, section size and the moisture content of the wood. Such as wood moisture content is high, should be properly increasing the concentration of preservatives.
4。 Besmear brushs method
this method commonly used in processing at the scene. Using oil preservatives, should be heated before besmear to brush; Using oil soluble preservatives, selection of solvent should be easy for timber absorption; Using water soluble preservatives, concentration can be slightly improved.
5。 Diffusion method
this method is to use the pulp paste or water-soluble anticorrosive qi J has the high concentration of water soluble drug coating on wood surface processing. Due to the effect of moisture content of the wood interior, attached to the preservative on the surface of the wood was gradually being dissolved by water and to penetrate into the wood. After wood preservative to infiltrate into the outer layer of for outer preservative concentration is high, then spread to the inner layer, make the inner and outer layer preservative concentration tends to equilibrium.

wood preservation sewage source of wood preservation industry produces a large amount of wastewater is the main industrial wastewater pollution sources, the waste water usually contain large amounts of toxic substances, organic matter and other waste substances, if any emissions, without processing will have on the river water quality, soil and other ecological environment caused serious pollution. Wood processing waste water is mainly produced in fiber board, pulp and paper production, wood dyeing and bleaching processing, wood preservation processing production process, such as wood processing enterprises must pay attention to waste management workflow, according to the waste water of different ways to execute the corresponding management methods, to ensure that the enterprise benefits on the basis of protecting ecological environment, promote the sustainable development of ecological environment and the enterprise.

harmful substances in the wood preservation wastewater from the production, preparation and use of wood preservative chemicals produced by the main ingredients that contain harmful substances pentachlorophenol, phenol, 2 - chloro phenol, cresol, cresol, between the chlorine trichlorophenol, flexor naphthalene, 4 chlorophenol, creosote, fluorescent anthracene, benzene and a pyrene, 2, 4 - Xylenol, 2, 4 - DNT benzene and fluorescent anthracene, benzene and anthracene, two hybrid material such as benzene and anthracene, so must be strict with process. To avoid secondary pollution. Centrifugal extraction machine processing waste water containing phenol

deal with waste water containing phenol with centrifugal extraction machine, equipment is small in size, high efficiency, small dosage of extraction agent, the characteristics of can save a lot of the cost of extracting agent, removing phenol rate above 98%. The current domestic companies in industrial wastewater emissions about 40 billion tons, including industrial waste water containing phenol about 0. Around 5%, about 2 billion tons. According to market research and forecasts domestic emissions of industrial waste water containing phenol centrifugal extraction machine processing can be used about 30% of the total phenol waste water, it will be altogether centrifugal extraction machine more than one thousand units.
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