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Centrifugal extraction machine from copper indium extraction method

by:Deyuan      2020-08-16
In copper smelting, get by-products of converter smoke contains 0. 001% - 0. 0084% of indium, the smoke can make use of the centrifugal extraction machine from indium of copper ore in the extraction technology of two stage leaching indium extraction process.
days extraction made improvements for the above process, changing the secondary pickling to high pressure acid leaching, which can improve the leaching rate of indium, specific approach is to put converter dust containing indium in contain 0. 75 mol/L pressure in the boiler of the dilute sulphuric acid solution, the pressure in the process of cooking smoke more than 80% of indium in acid leach liquor. Then using centrifugal extraction machine with P204 extracting indium 20%, after extraction with hydrochloric acid solution, the rich indium water with sponge indium zinc replacement. After alkali fused cast after electrify to get pure indium. Centrifugal extraction machine from copper indium extraction to flow chart is as follows:
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