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Centrifugal extraction machine how to solvent extraction ester

by:Deyuan      2020-09-01
Centrifugal extraction machine how to solvent extraction esters
in the ester organic compounds, mainly using butyl acetate as phenol extraction agent, using centrifugal extraction machine to process the resorcinol, aminophenol, nitrophenol and phenol waste water treatment in coking plant, coal gas.
the study found that using butyl acetate extraction to remove lignite rapid coking phenol wastewater, the removal rate is about 90%. Coking plant with rotary tower to phenol, ethyl acetate and cool/water is 0. 1, the phenol removal rate is 67. 1%. In the low temperature of coal gasification plant, its wastewater in yuan for 7 - phenol content V 11 g/L, for 12 - dihydric phenol content } - 20 g, if with butyl acetate vinegar extraction, one yuan of phenol can be reduced to zero. 1 to 0. 2 g/L, reduced to o dihydric phenol. 2 to 0. 7 g/L.
- butyl acetate and 2 Methyl - Ketone - A mixture of four, in the countercurrent extraction processing waste water containing phenol, can make the content of a yuan of phenol in waste water by 5600 mg/L reduced to 35 mg/L.
in addition, amyl acetate can also be used to deal with phenolic resin phenol in wastewater.

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