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Centrifugal extraction machine hydrometallurgical zinc extraction

by:Deyuan      2020-08-13
Centrifugal extraction machine hydrometallurgical zinc extraction, zinc is a kind of important non-ferrous metal, it has good corrosion resistance, its production after aluminum and copper. In industry with large amount of galvanized zinc used in industry, it is also used to die casting alloy, brass, rolling products, etc. Zinc compounds are widely used in chemical industry, rubber, ceramics, pigment, agriculture, oil, batteries and other industries.
zinc can form alloy with many metals, such as zinc copper brass, composed of copper zinc tin bronze, alloy material are important. Zinc has good corrosion resistance, large quantities of used in steel protective layer, such as galvanized pipe, galvanized sheet quite useful. Zinc die casting alloys with low melting point, good liquidity, easy to the characteristics of the die casting molding, combined with its cheap, and has been widely used. Metal zinc can quickly dissolved in a variety of inorganic acid, but because of the separation of hydrogen overvoltage, high purity zinc can resist erosion of sulfate. All sorts of the purity of zinc are soluble in alkali zinc salts formed in the aqueous solution and melt.
centrifugal extraction machine zinc hydrometallurgical process is extracted after calcining, valuable metals such as zinc and cadmium in the materials will be completely dissolved as much as possible, to make it into solution, to achieve the high metal recovery.
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