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Centrifugal extraction machine hydrometallurgy extraction impurity extraction separation of tungsten industry

by:Deyuan      2020-08-17
Removed from alkaline leaching liquid sodium tungstate impurity phosphor, arsenic and silicon is an important working procedure in the process of tungsten hydrometallurgy, although the extraction process of tungsten has certain ability to removing impurity, but the effect is not very good, but due to the formation of heteropoly acid reduces the extraction efficiency of removing impurity of tungsten, so the need before extraction of tungsten in advance to remove impurities, traditional methods of removing impurity mainly magnesium amine complex salt precipitation, although good, but there is also greater loss of tungsten in slag, etc.
centrifugal extraction machine of tungsten hydrometallurgy industry extracting impurity separation method is used for removing impurity already some research, mainly using the tungsten with phosphorus, arsenic and silicon to form 12 - Properties of tungsten heteropoly acid, but the separation efficiency is low and high acidity, and apparently lost to the tungsten heteropoly acid is also a lot of, use of tungsten in neutral solution and phosphorus, arsenic and silicon low properties of tungsten heteropoly acid, tianyi extraction can extract heteropoly acid in a neutral solution of synergistic extraction system, is expected to be developed on the basis of new technologies of removal of impurity of extraction.
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