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Centrifugal extraction machine improvements in traditional Chinese medicine extraction industry

by:Deyuan      2020-09-11
Centrifugal machine is a kind of quick and efficient liquid - Liquid extraction ( Solvent extraction) Equipment that USES centrifugal force to realize the liquid-liquid two-phase extraction and separation of [ 1] 。 The device can realize the liquid-liquid two-phase mixing, mass transfer, reaction, extraction, washing, separation and other functions. Centrifugal extraction machine is to use the principle of centrifugal sedimentation will be separated with density difference of materials [ 2] 。 So, in the liquid - Liquid extraction ( Solvent extraction) Process in use, the requirement for raw material liquid has the following points: ( 1) Two mutual miscibility; ( 2) At least in the difference in density between 0. More than 1; ( 3) Not contain solid liquid separation.
in Chinese traditional medicine extract production, raw material liquid, the nature of the centrifugal extraction machine of high speed stirring and temperature change, make the material system produces solid precipitation and emulsifying phenomenon, cause the loss of the extraction efficiency, separation effect becomes poor, production decrease and the increases of equipment maintenance cost. The detailed introduction in the traditional Chinese medicine extraction process, centrifugal extraction machine solid generated by the online cleaning ( CIP) And the emulsification and the sleeve device. Online cleaning device (
centrifugal extraction process of solid content mainly from the following aspects:
( 1) Concentrate in the fine particles of medicinal materials or flocculent, fibrous precipitation. Because the content is very low, particle size small, hard to find, directly with the concentrate into the drum. Under the action of centrifugal force, gradually accumulate, deposited on the drum wall.
( 2) Concentrate and extraction agent into the extraction machine, contact each other, the reaction between some composition, producing solid.
( 3) Concentrate into the extraction machine, such as temperature change of crystal precipitation.
device structure and the principle that the
CIP online cleaning mechanism is mainly composed of nozzle, hollow shaft, rotary joint, etc. In a certain position arrangement of nozzle is installed on the hollow shaft, the position of the nozzle arrangement ensures that the cleaning fluid jetted out completely distribution on the inner wall of the drum.
clean before work, equipment downtime, put into the cleaning fluid tube and the rotating joint interface connection. Cleaning fluid ( Tap water, solvent or alkali, etc. ) From the hose, through the rotary joint entrance to certain pressure into the hollow shaft, through a series of nozzle, jet to the drum wall, the position of the nozzle arrangement and spray Angle can make the cleaning solution to cover the entire drum wall completely. Because drum is weir plate separating into two segments, the period of the space is little, the nozzle with small injection Angle. The space is large, with large Angle of spray nozzle. With certain pressure spray cleaning fluid, will deposit on the inner wall of the drum, the solid content gradually, through the vent valve
the emulsification sleeve device
some Chinese herbal medicine material system, the Chinese native medicine ingredient or add solvent is sensitive to shearing action. Under the intense agitation centrifugal extraction machine, the mechanical force produced by the material system will be one of the phase break up into tiny particles, these small particles can be dispersed into another phase, make originally not mutually soluble 'oil' 'water' two mixed each other, to produce emulsifying phenomenon. Emulsifying phenomenon in the process of centrifugal extraction, mainly because of material into the extraction machine, rotating drum and shell, because of intense agitation drum, the complex vortex flow and turbulent flow region. Weak resistance to shearing action of a phase in the material liquid after the area, under the action of mechanical force, is scattered into tiny particles dispersed to another in the liquid phase.
device structure and the principle that the
centrifugal extraction machine anti emulsification sleeve device, is between the drum shell and add a sleeve, sleeve and the bottom of the drum with special-shaped seal, seal face close to the bottom of the drum, can automatically compensate the wear. Anti emulsification between sleeve and shell formed a static mixing zone, the liquid into the shell to avoid the contact with the outer surface of the high-speed rotating drum, directly through the static mixed area, through the bottom of the machine, enter inside the drum, the drum upward movement in the process of implementation. The application of the device, eliminating the original because of intense agitation drum vortex and turbulence area, makes liquid liquid two phase or mixed phase caused by drum high-speed agitation to minimize shearing action, which can effectively prevent the emulsifying phenomenon.

use CIP online cleaning mechanism and prevent emulsification device, can effectively solve the solid generated and emulsification problem in traditional Chinese medicine extraction process. These two devices are in centrifugal extraction machine some structure on the corresponding parts, can achieve the purpose to solve the problem. Modification cost is low, but a practical and effective, operation and maintenance is also very convenient, is the ideal solution.
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