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Centrifugal extraction machine in the process of the production process and epoxy resin coating wastewater containing phenol

by:Deyuan      2020-08-27
Physical chemistry method as a means of coating wastewater pretreatment or a single treatment, remove the suspended solids in the wastewater and materials such as paint pigment and solid matter and heavy metals are very effective in aspects and so on, the following mainly introduces several kinds of coating processing technology in wastewater treatment. Gas float

1 coating wastewater contains quite a proportion of volatile component and oils, can use air floatation process, namely through the highly dispersed micro bubbles as the carrier, adhesion suspended solids in waste water, make its density less than water and rise to the surface or take advantage of the flocculant flocculation in order to realize the solid-liquid separation.

2 coagulation method coagulation method is a method often used in industrial wastewater treatment, it is mainly used for removal of waste water in the tiny suspended matter and colloid particles, reduce the turbidity of wastewater and pigment. It can be independent as a kind of processing method, and is often used in conjunction with other methods. With basic aluminium chloride as flocculating agent, polyacrylamide as a coagulant aid to adjust into the waste water pool for coagulation - Air flotation treatment, and achieved satisfactory effect.
however, the traditional precipitation or air flotation process is the separation of solids, and did not give full play to the flocculation filtration adsorption of sediment. Choose a kind of high efficient water purification equipment, can make the pollutants generated after reaction with flocculant flocculation sediment further adsorption filtration fluidized bed formation, and gives some general waste water into the reaction after solid-liquid separation effect of coagulation, filtration and adsorption purification treatment effect is the same as activated carbon, effectively reduce the biochemical treatment of the late load.

3 adsorption adsorption method is the use of the surface of the porous solid adsorbent adsorption of one or more pollutants in waste water, waste water purification. Coating and coarse concentrate wastewater by adsorption and flocculation sedimentation, adopting compound ratio of activated carbon for processing, with the combination of static adsorption and dynamic adsorption method, to make the coating wastewater treatment after industrial wastewater discharge standards.

4 extraction method in the above three methods are mainly used for removal of waste water in the tiny suspended and colloidal particles. Solvent extraction method is to use a specific contact with waste water mix, the soluble in certain pollutants of wastewater to be distributed into a solvent, and then the solvent and the wastewater treatment after extraction separation, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the wastewater. Choose to paint wastewater, xylene extraction, with sulfuric acid acidification demulsification, CODCr removal rate of 85% ~ 95%, and in the waste water pretreatment effect is significant; And recycle the waste water in the vast majority of organic matter, extractant can be reuse. After pretreatment of organic wastewater with other wastewater confluence, in turn to coke adsorption, air flotation, electrolysis, oxidation pond, the processing of purification effect is better.
with extraction method applied in the case of industrial waste, belonging to the solvent extraction method and treatment of phenol wastewater is more mature. Solvent extraction method of removing phenol is a kind of removing phenol method commonly used in industry. There are two main types of solvent extraction removing phenol, physical extraction technology of removing phenol extraction technology of removing phenol and complexation reaction. Physical extraction technology of removing phenol mainly use benzene, benzene, solvent oil, ethyl acetate, isopropyl ether as extraction solvent, such as on phenol can provide higher equilibrium distribution coefficient D value. Physical extraction process of the size of the partition coefficient is to choose one of the important standards of physical solvent.
complexation extraction agent is generally consist of complexing agent, solvent and thinner. The complexation extraction process, the function of latent solvent and diluent is very important. The commonly used cosolvent octyl alcohol, methyl isobutyl ketone, butyl acetate, diisopropyl ether, chloroform, etc. Commonly used thinner have fat hydrocarbon ( N-hexane, kerosene, etc. ) And aromatic hydrocarbon ( Benzene, toluene, benzene, etc. ) 。
. cwl series centrifugal extractor phenol wastewater treatment compared with other extraction equipment has a short residence time and saved the liquid quantity is little, high extraction efficiency, demulsification capability is strong, open parking convenience, wide applicable scope of materials handling system, etc. Tianyi extraction at present there are many successful cases in terms of wastewater containing phenol.
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