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Centrifugal extraction machine in the separation and purification of rare earth hydrometallurgy technology innovation and development

by:Deyuan      2020-09-10
Before liberation, China's no rare earth industry, rare earth products rely on imports. In the early 1960 s, with various rare earth factory successively completed and put into operation, from then on China's rare earth industry from the laboratory to the industrialization. And centrifugal extraction machine in increasing the proportion of rare earth hydrometallurgy
China's rare earth science and technology workers starting in the 1950 s to a large number of solvent extraction separation of rare earth elements of the research and development, has made many scientific research achievements, centrifugal extraction machine widely used in the production of rare earth industry. Such as the 1970 successfully in industry USES the N263 extraction separation purity is 99. 99% of yttrium oxide, replacing the yttrium ion exchange separation of oxidation process, the cost is less than one over ten of the ion exchange method; In 1970 instead of the classic recrystallization method using P204 extraction for light rare earth oxides; With methyl dimethyl heptyl ester ( P350) Extracting replaced the classic of fractional crystallization law taking lanthanum oxide; In the 1970 s will first ammoniation P507 extraction separation of rare earth and by naphthenic acid extraction of yttrium process used in rare earth hydrometallurgy industry in China; Extraction technology in the rapid development of rare earth industry in our country is with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai institute of organic chemistry, such as yuan comrade of hard work, they study the successful extraction agent ( Such as P204, P350, P507 etc. ) Widely used in industry; Beijing university professor xu guangxian put forward in the 1970 s and the promotion of cascade extraction theory, the extraction separation technology has played a guiding role in our country. At the same time puts forward the theory of using cascade extraction separation process, the design optimization and is widely used in the rare earth extraction separation industry.
China rare earth industry with the efforts of more than 40 years, especially since 1978, with the rapid development of the production level and the quality of the products are produced a qualitative leap, has formed a complete industrial system. At present, China's rare earth concentrate smelting separation capacity of more than 130000 tons/year ( REO) Production of more than 70000 tons, rare earth, accounting for more than 80% of the total world output, its production and exports are all in the world. The existing more than 170 separation of rare earth smelting enterprises, but the annual processing capacity of more than 5000 tons ( REO) But five, most of enterprises processing capacity in 1000 ~ 2000 tons.
in the past 20 years, China's rare earth smelting and separation of industrial development is very rapid, the number of varieties, production, export and consumption of the world, has a pivotal position in the world. Many of the rare earth separation is also a first-class purification process. But in rare earth chemical products quality, consistency, still lags behind the advanced level. In recent years, the rare earth plant is greater than that of domestic and international market demand, the production of major products in the supply of rare earth compounds, and rare earth chemical products, with the high density of technology and return on investment, technology monopoly, the sales profit high characteristic, so the comprehensive economic benefit is considerable. Therefore, the domestic rare earth enterprise must make a breakthrough in this field in the years to come, to keep higher profit margins and development speed.
from the overall, the dosage of rare earth in the field of traditional growth is slow, can cause the field of rare earth demand increase when belongs to the field of new materials, so rare earth compound product structure should be suitable in the field of new material needs. Current ndfeb magnets growth rate of 30% ~ 40%, therefore, the dosage of neodymium will be rapid growth, the rare earth compound enterprise should be around neodymium compounds as articles, both to ensure the supply of neodymium, and to ensure that the balance of other rare earth compounds application.
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