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Centrifugal extraction machine in the solvent extraction processing of industrial wastewater containing phenol wastewater

by:Deyuan      2020-08-31
Main wastewater containing phenol from coking plant, coal gas, petroleum chemical plant, insulation materials plant and other industrial departments and pyrolysis, synthetic phenol oil, polyamide fiber, synthetic dyes, organic pesticides and phenolic resin production process. Mainly containing phenol in waste water containing phenol compounds, such as phenol, cresol and xylenol and nitro et al. Phenolic compounds is a kind of protoplasm poison, can make protein coagulation. 2 mg/L, the fish has a peculiar smell, namely can't eat; Mass concentration increased to 1 mg/L, will affect fish spawning, phenol 5 - 10 mg/L, the fish will be a large number of death. Phenol in drinking water can affect human body health, even if the water quality concentration phenol is only 0. 002 mg/L, also can produce chlorophenol with chlorine disinfection stench. Known as the high concentration phenol wastewater, the wastewater should be recycled after phenol, again for processing. Mass concentration is less than 1000 mg/L of wastewater containing phenol, known as the low concentration wastewater containing phenol. Often will this kind of wastewater recycling, post-processing of phenol concentration and recovery. Recycling phenol method with solvent extraction, steam blowoff method, adsorption method, closed loop method, etc. Phenol waste water quality concentration below 300 mg/L available biological oxidation, chemical oxidation, physical and chemical methods such as oxidation processing after discharge or recycled.
waste water containing phenol is not only to bring a serious threat to human health, also cause harm to animals and plants. Treatment of wastewater containing phenol, has always been a big problem in the field of wastewater treatment at home and abroad. Domestic dephenolizing process has the following kinds:
1, steam, chemical removing phenol method;
2, steam removing phenol;
3, burning method;
4, solvent extraction method of removing phenol;
5, removing phenol resin method;
6, sulfonated coal adsorption method;
7, biochemical method.
complexation extraction technique characteristics and method of removing phenol advanced complexation extraction of removing phenol technical features: the core of the technology for the new type of chelating extraction agent and efficient centrifugal extraction machine. Because the previous conventional processing methods exist some difficult technical problems, and our company has been to reduce costs, improve efficiency, for the purpose of extraction processing methods are improved. Extraction method is mainly used poorly soluble in water extraction agent contact with water, is phenolic compounds of waste water from the water phase transfer to the solvent phase, so as to achieve the purpose of phenolics and water separation.
the comprehensive advancement of extraction method of removing phenol mainly displays in:
1, high processing efficiency;
2, dealing with high safety coefficient;
3, centrifuge equipment has simple structure and flexible multi-stage countercurrent extraction separation method, easy maintenance, less investment, covers an area of less, workers labor intensity is small operation.
extraction processing technology for industrial wastewater containing phenol wastewater containing phenol technology to the industrial treatment of wastewater containing phenol with special effects. In the pretreatment of wastewater containing phenol sink acid demulsification oil removal, removal of tar and suspended matter clear liquid into the efficient. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction machine for multi-stage countercurrent extraction of phenol. Phenol removal rate is 99% or higher, removing phenol waste water after 15 or less volatile phenol content 50ppm。 Load after extracting solvent extraction by regeneration cycle is repeated use. The phenol extraction solution, can directly through the acidification recycling.
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