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Centrifugal extraction machine industrial phenol wastewater treatment applications

by:Deyuan      2020-08-27
Centrifugal extraction machine can make the waste water discharge standard of scientific research personnel, and if such wastewater contained phenol, namely to reduce the pollution to the environment, remove phenolic products can also recycle on production, has a certain economic benefits. In the defense industry development, on the basis of research for uranium extraction equipment, in view of the characteristics of wastewater containing phenol research developed a new generation of centrifugal extraction machine. The mass transfer and separation are collected, with compact structure, large capacity, smooth operation, low power consumption, convenient cleaning maintenance, etc. It can use single can also use more machine series.
centrifugal extraction equipment respectively for serinus mozambicus mozambicus extract, gardenia extract of countercurrent extraction, purification and the intermediate of toxic heat ning injection ( Chlorogenic acid, gardenia extract) , its extraction effect is superior to the existing production technology of the enterprise.
centrifugal extraction of tea polyphenols in tea powder equipment, waste water containing phenol, able to � � during tier to get rid of all the wastewater containing phenol, completely solve the problem of the discharge of wastewater containing phenol. Extracting tea polyphenols active ingredients, such as purification, a few percentage points extraction efficiency is improved.
zhengzhou days extraction technology co. , LTD. , mainly engaged in the new extraction equipment, extraction process and the related research and development of the project. At present our company production of. cwl new extraction equipment has achieved seriation, miniaturization and the pilot of a complete set of equipment. The high level of processing equipment, equipment technology has reached the world level, is engaged in the plant and the extract of Chinese herbal medicine worker provides efficient means of extraction separation. We are willing to work together, committed to improving product quality, reduce cost, in order to make good centrifugal extraction machine is widely used and services to benefit society. Welcome consultation discussion.
centrifugal extraction technology of nitrophenol sodium phenol wastewater treatment in the process of chemical products production, will produce waste water. Such as product washing wastewater, production workshop equipment and ground flush wastewater, etc. After the wastewater collection by the water pipe into the river, river, lake. When the various harmful elements contained in the waste water reaches a certain concentration, will cause serious pollution to jiang, river, lake, the consequences are destroyed the ecological environment, also harm the people's physical and mental health. Such as the coking plant of iron and steel industry wastewater containing phenol; Chemical production enterprises, nitro phenol waste water produced by nitrification wastewater; Lumber mill wastewater containing phenol. The concentration of waste water containing phenol is in commonly. According to the different extraction system and the conditions of use by adjusting the rotational speed, the blade diameter and heavy phase weir plate diameter was to improve the extraction parameters such as two-phase mixing degree and the separation effect and extraction efficiency. Annual output of nitrophenol sodium, for example, the corresponding wastewater emissions a year or so. The nitrophenol sodium production process: design parameters processing size: according to the water, according to the meter running day every day, every day deal with the amount of water, treatment of water every year.
scheme selection and process conditions: the scheme adopts centrifugal extraction technology and selects the high capacity centrifugal extraction machine by the three-stage countercurrent extraction, three-stage countercurrent extraction can reach the dephenolizing effect and extractant regeneration recycle ability effectively. Centrifugal extraction machine drum material casing part adopts polypropylene plate manufacture, has reliable corrosion resistance. Description:
process waste water containing phenol into centrifugal extraction machine, at the same time, the extracting agent in proportion into the centrifugal extraction machine, by extracting after removing phenol wastewater discharge centrifugal machine. Phenol extraction agent into the back extraction machine and liquid alkali in proportion into the back extraction of phenol extraction agent to run the alkaline cleaning, after alkaline extraction solvent can be recycled. After extraction of phenol sodium liquid discharge sodium phenolate recycling reverse extraction machine. ABK complexation extraction agent was adopted as extraction agent, liquid alkali using caustic soda industry configuration. Equipment configuration and process the plan selection level 3 extraction, three-level reverse extraction process, its main centrifugal extraction machine, equipped with corresponding tank, tank, pump and other auxiliary equipment.
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