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Centrifugal extraction machine lauric acid separation from the synthesis of fatty acids

by:Deyuan      2020-08-28
Also known as lauric acid, lauric acid, are a kind of saturated fatty acids. It is the formula for C12H24O2. Although named lauric acid, but only 1 - in the laurel oil content 3%. Now find bay high acid content of vegetable oil with coconut oil - 45 44-52%, oil palm seed oil 43-52%, baba Sue seed oil More than 44%, adopt the method of extraction from the synthesis of fatty acids.
lauric acid is one of the major components of soap. The head and tail ends the typical parent molecule, the affinity of different. Molecular head is polarity gene, hydrophilic. The tail is a hydrocarbon chain, lipophilicity. When mixing water oil soap, parent molecules assemble into layered automatically. Molecular tail pointing in the direction of oil to water head.
low concentration of soap, the isotropic, the random distribution of parent molecule to form micelles. Add water dilute micelle disappear. Increased concentration will form a more extensive micelle. Leads to the formation of a series of liquid crystal phase. Cubic and hexagonal phase appeared with the increase of concentration.
lauric acid main use
1. Mainly for the production of alkyd resin, wetting agents, detergent, pesticide, surfactant, food additives and cosmetics raw materials. This product is often used as a lubricant, lubricant and vulcanizing agent and other functions. But due to the effect of metal corrosion, so it is generally not used for wire, cable and other plastic products. This product is the most widely used in surfactant industry, can also be used for spices industry, pharmaceutical industry.
    2. Used for dispensing glue or move surface treatment agent. Also used in the manufacture of alkyd resin, chemical fiber oil agent, pesticides, synthetic spices, plastic stabilizer, gasoline, and corrosion resistance of lubricating oil additives. A large number of used in the manufacture of various types of surfactants, such as cationic laurylamine, laurel nitrile, three laurylamine, lauryl dimethyl amine, lauryl trimethyl ammonium salt, etc. ; Anionic sodium lauryl sulfate, lauric acid, lauryl sulfate salt three ethanol ammonium sulfate, etc. Amphoteric ionic lauryl betaine, lauric acid imidazoline, etc. ; Nonionic surfactants are poly (L - Single laurate alcohol ester, polyoxyethylene lauric acid ester, lauric acid glyceride polyoxyethylene ether, lauric acid diethanolamide and so on. In addition is also used as a food additive and used in the manufacture of cosmetics.
    3. Lauric acid is the production of soaps, detergents, cosmetics surfactants and chemical fiber oil agent of raw materials.

lauric acid extraction method of industrial production extraction of lauric acid method can be summarized as two types: one is from natural plant oil saponification or decomposed under high temperature and high pressure; Isolated from the synthesis of fatty acids. Japan's main coconut oil and palm kernel oil as raw material for making lauric acid. Portion of twelve sour crude vegetable oils are: coconut oil, mountain pale nucleolus oil, palm kernel oil and mountain Hu Jiaoren oil etc. Other plants, such as palm kernel oil, brush tree seed oil, camphor tree seed oil can also services such as preparing twelve acid. More than twelve acid extracted by C12 fractions, contains a lot of twelve acid, can be in normal pressure hydrogenation, without catalyst, can turn hydrocarbon for twelve acid by more than 86% of the conversion.
when applied research center extraction of lauric acid extraction extraction using polar organic solvents and water and alkali extraction agent, concurrent now containing 40% ~ 50% of organic solvent extraction agent, lauric acid solubility is large, and the solubility of lauric acid ethyl ester is almost zero. As a result, the composition of extractant has efficiency of lauric acid extracted from ethyl laurate performance. After centrifugal extraction machine extraction treatment of lauric acid ethyl ester purity can reach 99%, the yield can reach more than 90%, than traditional separating agent for water purification process yield increased by 10%.
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