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Centrifugal extraction machine liquid liquid extraction method to extract the crowfoot secco plant extracts from radix paeoniae alba

by:Deyuan      2020-08-29
The root of herbaceous peony extract from crowfoot secco plant the root of herbaceous peony. Radix paeoniae rubra extract from crowfoot plant peony or sichuan and the root of herbaceous peony, for commonly used medicine for activating blood circulation and has clear heat cool blood, remove blood stasis pain, qinggan purging fire etc. Composition of the main therapeutic effects of paeoniflorin in radix paeoniae rubra, has sedative and analgesic, spasmolysis, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, blood vessels and other pharmacological activities, and activating blood, blood, Yin, etc.
the domestic and foreign research on the chemical constituents of radix paeoniae rubra more, but for the technological process of extracting principal component paeoniflorin from radix paeoniae rubra's study, but very few, and is now reported processes are extracted a small amount of samples for identification, analysis and pharmacological research, for the purpose of the procedure is multifarious, and optimize the preparation process of yield and cost. In order to better use of resources, reduce production cost, this article on the basis of guarantee the purity of the product to the extraction and refining of paeoniflorin from radix paeoniae rubra process is optimized.
paeoniflorin in vitro intestinal canal, in the gastric movement and uterine smooth muscle were suppressed, and can be caused by the antagonism oxytocin contraction. The analgesic effect of paeoniflorin was significant. Herbaceous peony extract can adersely affect and ning cause convulsions. Root of herbaceous peony decoction have inhibitory effect on some pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Paeoniflorin has cooling effect to the normal temperature, and inhibit platelet aggregation.
herbaceous peony extract is mainly used for the treatment of coronary heart disease; Senile disease, enhanced physique and immune function, anti-inflammatory cough, eliminating phlegm to smooth wheezing (such as, especially in the treatment of senile chronic respiratory diseases can make auxiliary drugs.
in the pharmaceutical industry peony extract is widely used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, coronary heart disease, disease of department of gynaecology.
in the cosmetics/cosmetic products, mainly used for treating acne in the cosmetics industry peony extract, and delay the aging of tissues. Add to the shampoo, used as a hair growth conditioner.
liquid-liquid extraction method to extract the root of herbaceous peony extract process
because ethanol - Water system and low price, nontoxic, so choose ethanol - As solvent of leaching water system. The reflux extraction process of recovery of 98. 2%, visible with 70% ethanol reflux extraction 3 times can change the paeoniflorin in radix paeoniae rubra extract basic completely. Liquid-liquid extraction purpose is to extract the impurities ( Carbohydrate, lipid, etc. ) To remove, to facilitate the operation of the silica gel column chromatography. Liquid-liquid distribution is the key to choose suitable solvents. Through optimization, using petroleum ether, ethyl acetate, n-butanol three kinds of solvent extraction in turn.
the specific operating conditions as follows: leaching of concrete with 500 ml water to dissolve, with petroleum ether extraction 2 times, first time 500 ml. After extraction of water extract was extracted with ethyl acetate phase 2 times, each 500 ml. After the ethyl acetate extract of water phase with n-butyl alcohol extract three times, each 500 ml, merge three extraction of n-butyl alcohol solution, under 60 degrees waxy 106 vacuum concentration. 6g。 The HPLC analysis, for the content of paeoniflorin in paste. 6%, the extraction recovery was 95. 3%. Visible by petroleum ether, ethyl acetate and n-butanol extraction in turn, can make the content of paeoniflorin by 11. 9% to 31. 6%, and the loss of paeoniflorin rarely. Extraction solvent by reduced pressure distillation can reuse.
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