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Centrifugal extraction machine liquid liquid extraction technology in the application of the cobalt nickel hydrometallurgy

by:Deyuan      2020-09-10
Also called liquid-liquid extraction, solvent extraction was developed modern separation, purification and concentration of metal or other material of a rapid development of technology, has been widely used in nuclear fuel reprocessing, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection and other fields. Solvent extraction technology in non-ferrous metal production become a kind of important effective separation and purification methods. With the progress of the high grade nickel matte refining process, cobalt nickel refining has moved towards a full wet refining process, all wet refining process to promote the development of the technology of solvent extraction in nickel and cobalt in hydrometallurgy applied research development.
the existing large-scale production plants in our country, still using chemical precipitation to cobalt nickel separation and purification of nickel solution, the metal yield is low, the production efficiency is low, poor working conditions. To make the solvent extraction technology used in nickel and cobalt hydrometallurgy in China made new progress. Links up on the one hand, should be developed easily and extraction process of high grade nickel matte refining technology, on the other hand should be in the development of new effective extractant, develop efficient extraction equipment, improve the level of extraction process automation aspects of further work, the increase of nickel and cobalt hydrometallurgy technology in China to a new level.
in terms of high grade nickel matte refining metal separation is mainly the main metal separation of nickel and copper, cobalt, iron, as for the purification of nickel solution include with other separation of trace impurity elements ( Such as zinc, lead, manganese, etc. ) 。 The tradition of high grade nickel refining process and the '60 s direct electrolysis nickel sulfide, including China's current use of nickel sulfide in the process of soluble anode electrolysis of main metal and the separation of copper, cobalt, iron and solution purification are adopting extraction technology. Traditional separation and purification method of main metal nickel and copper separation effect is poor, complex process, the metal yield is low. When the development of the sulfuric acid leaching of high grade nickel refining processes, hydrochloric acid leaching, chlorine, new technology, copper, iron, cobalt and nickel in the process of separation and recovery of extraction technology applications have made new progress.
in high grade nickel matte refining process, iron separation and purification method of neutralization, black nickel hydroxide oxide precipitation, air oxidation sodium nickel carbonate precipitation, yellow iron vitriol and goethite in addition to tiefa coal industry group, etc. Neutralization of the biggest drawback is the main metal loss. All wet after refining process applied in industrial production, extraction iron have a new progress.
extracting equipment is an important part of the application technology, generally can be divided into the box, pillar type and centrifugal extraction machine three categories. Before they are in a gravitational field by using density differential phase, the latter phase is the use of centrifugal force.
box-type devices ( Mixer settler) Extraction equipment, is the most widely used, especially in our country, in addition to the nuclear fuel reprocessing plant, other extraction factories adopt different forms of mixer settler. My company developed a new type of mixer settler, to improve efficiency, reduce the retention volume made new progress, has been widely used in industrial production of rare earth extraction and separation.
column device has rotary tower, sieve plate tower, pulse sieve plate tower, sieve plate tower, etc. Tower equipment with high efficiency, small amount of retention, easy to realize automatic control.
centrifugal extraction machine is developed rapidly in recent years, is widely used in industrial extraction equipment, its extraction production capacity, high separation efficiency, high mass transfer efficiency. New. cwl - extraction was developed M type centrifugal extraction machine has been used in wet metallurgy, oil chemical industry, organic chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear fuel processing in areas such as technology research and application in industrial production, received a very effect. Centrifugal extraction machine as investment is higher than other equipment of the device itself, but as the overall investment of the extraction system is not higher than the overall investment in other extraction equipment.
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