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Centrifugal extraction machine low-grade nickel laterite ore extraction by wet process

by:Deyuan      2020-09-02
Centrifugal extraction machine low grade wet extraction technology of nickel laterite ore
general wet extraction technology for processing low grade limonite transition layer, or layer of nickel laterite ore, the ore with high content of iron and magnesium content is low. The wet process mainly includes the reduction roasting and ammonia leaching process, sulphation roasting monohydrate leaching process, high pressure acid leaching process, atmospheric pressure acid leaching process, high pressure a normal pressure joint process, including normal pressure acid leaching process mainly includes atmospheric pressure acid leaching and pressure leaching hydrochloride.

- low grade nickel laterite ore reduction roasting
reductive roasting - ammonia leaching process Ammonia leaching process was invented by professor Caron, so they are called Caron process. Cuba Nicaro nickel factory in 1 943 the reduction roasting and ammonia leaching method is first applied in industrial production, the processing type high magnesium nickel laterite ore. Since the 1970 s, Australia Yabulu, the Philippine Surigao. Its Berong Philippines and India Sukhinda successively using the method of nickel laterite ore. Reduction roasting - Principle of ammonia leaching process is shown in figure 1 10.

main process reduction roasting and ammonia leaching process are as follows: ore after crushing, screening in multiple hearth furnace or kiln by selective reduction roasting, a reduction of calcine with ammonia solution carbonate money countercurrent leaching, after thickener treatment of leach liquor output after purification, steamed ammonia carbonate nickel paste, then through rotary kiln drying and calcine, get nickel oxide products, using magnetic separation method is chosen from among the leaching residue of iron concentrate. Roasting process adopted reductant is mainly coal or reducing gas, its main purpose is the ore reduction of nickel and drill, but most of ferric iron reduction for magnetic Fe3O4, a few back into metal Fe; Ammonia leaching of nickel in the main purpose is to calcine and drilling in the form of complex ammonia ions into the solution, and the main impurity such as iron, magnesium, the form of elemental or oxide remain in the leaching residue, so as to realize nickel, drill and preliminary separation of impurities such as iron. This process has the advantage of normal pressure operation, the leaching liquid impurity content is less, the recycled ammonia leaching agent; Main drawback is nickel drilling rate is low, nickel recovery rate is 75 ~ 80%, the recovery rate of drilling is less than 50%. So far, only a few factories worldwide in this process of nickel laterite ore, more than 30 years to few new factories using ammonia leaching process.

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