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Centrifugal extraction machine low-grade nickel laterite ore high pressure acid leaching process

by:Deyuan      2020-09-02
Centrifugal extraction machine low-grade nickel laterite ore
high pressure acid leaching process of nickel ore on the red high pressure acid leaching process based on the following principles, namely, iron oxide, alumina and chromium oxide of sulfuric acid when high temperature even almost complete hydrolysis in high acidity of the solution, but nickel sulphate under the condition of the stability of the drill and exist. The process is suitable for processing low magnesium limonite red layer of nickel ore, its biggest advantage is that nickel leaching rate of above 90%, the leaching rate of iron can be lower than 1%.
in the 50 s of the 20th century in Cuba earth-sized Bay building high pressure acid leaching method and treatment of laterite ore a production base, marked the hydrometallurgy technology since the extraction technology of nickel laterite ore. It is to use high pressure acid leaching process of nickel laterite ore factory. In the second half of 1998, Australia's Murrin Murrin, Cawse and Bulong three adopt new technology of high pressure acid leaching of nickel ore development project put into production operation in red. In recent years, the world of nickel laterite ore project basically built using high pressure acid leaching process, including Goro of new caledonia, Papua New Guinea's Ramu Ambatovy Vermelho, Brazil, and Madagascar.
high pressure acid leaching process of the reaction temperature is 240 ~ 250 ℃. At this temperature, Ni, Co and oxide with soluble sulfate - H2SO4 reaction in solution, and the iron law formation of refractory hematite in slag. Leaching process is conducted in high pressure leaching tank, the leaching tank is made of carbon steel lining brick or steel a qin composite materials. High pressure leaching pulp after flash cooling, with thickener countercurrent washing decantation, the leaching liquid after neutralization with hydrogen sulfide processing and get a high grade nickel enrichment of sulfide content, send as isolation and extraction of nickel to nickel refinery hole. Its principle process as shown in figure 1 12. High pressure acid leaching process of defect is the high cost of investment, long construction period and harsh operating conditions ( 250 ℃ when the steam pressure in the autoclave is about 40 atmospheric pressure) 。 At the same time, since the high pressure acid leaching process in Cuba earth-sized Bay since the factory application, accompanied with the reactor easier to scale, process caused by short production cycle, the problem of low efficiency. According to statistics, MoaBay factory every year the average working time to consume a quarter of the clear production scale formation in the autoclave; Australia's new 3 high pressure acid leaching project, after the start also encountered this problem in different degrees.

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