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Centrifugal extraction machine low grade zinc oxide ore hydrometallurgy of conclusion and suggestion

by:Deyuan      2020-09-01
Centrifugal extraction machine of low grade zinc oxide ore hydrometallurgy conclusions and recommendations
, acid and alkali leaching system processing low grade zinc oxide ore leaching system have some problem:
1> conventional acid leaching process of zinc leaching rate low, acid consumption, leaching liquid of low zinc concentration, liquid is difficult to purify such as faults, seldom used in industrial production.
2> the oxygen pressure acid leaching process of high silicon zinc oxide ore, which can effectively avoid the soluble mineral dissolution of silicon, greatly improving the leaching pulp filtration performance. But the process of equipment demand is higher, and bigger to the corrosion of the equipment, difficult operation, not suitable for large-scale industrial production applications.
    3) Using NaOH leaching - — Purifying - — Electric product in the production of electric zinc process with high alkaline gangue low grade zinc oxide, due to the lead into the solution, and difficult to purify the removal, and therefore do not have industrial application prospect.
    4) In ammonia - — Hinge chloride medium, USES the agitation leaching - — Purifying - — Bioleaching processing low grade zinc oxide ore has many advantages: in ammonia leaching system, using zinc and C1 - Of the coordination reaction and NH4 +, can improve the dissolution rate of zinc and the zinc coordination ions in solution can stable; Such as calcium, arsenic and silicon basic insoluble impurity elements in the system, is advantageous to the leaching liquid purification in removing impurity; The leaching system will not harden in heap leaching process on the surface of ore heap, uniform lixivium can effectively penetrate the whole ore heap, avoid leaching liquid short-circuit and dead zone; The system of F - in the process of electrical product And Cl - Content is not required, can be omitted in conventional acid leaching the bioleaching F - And Cl - Removal process and zinc chloride material can effective compensation in the process of chlorine loss; Purification, in addition to the iron burden is light, simple process, equipment requirements is not high, the investment is less. But there are also some deficiencies, such as due to the presence of C1 a, anodic reaction is given priority to with nitrogen analysis of electrolytic process, ammonia consumption is big, high equipment anticorrosion requirements; At the same time, in order to guarantee the production of electrolytic zinc � � product quality, improve the zinc leaching rate and leaching liquid Zn2 + concentration, leaching must adopt relatively high free ammonia concentration, lead to electrical deposition of zinc volatilization, and operating environment deteriorating, improve the electricity cost of zinc.
according to current situation of low-grade zinc processing technology research, basic research method of ammonia leaching process more deeply, with the pilot scale production conditions, if the existing basis to further reduce the amount of C1 a, solution of ammonia circulation, will lead to low grade zinc hydrometallurgy method make greater breakthrough, the development and utilization of low grade ore and improve recovery, reduce the energy consumption is of great significance.

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