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Centrifugal extraction machine mention mercury by wet process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-13
On the extraction of mercury is the main application method, the traditional centrifugal extraction machine wet extraction of mercury in a secondary position, but because mercury toxicity and pollution, so the centrifugal extraction machine mention mercury by wet process, and the separation between elements present a trend of more and more. Hydrometallurgy method can prevent or reduce the mercury poisoning in the process of production, and high purity by electrolytic method, the mercury products.
with centrifugal extraction machine usually mention mercury by wet process, at the same time also with electrolytic refining recycling mercury, wet extraction process is to mercuric sulfide and metallic mercury and gangue separation or other impurities. Add solvent to dissolve mercuric sulfide leaching. Commonly used 5% and 13% concentration of sodium sulfide solution leaching mercury. Centrifugal extraction machine wet mention mercury process as shown:
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