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Centrifugal extraction machine non-ferrous hydrometallurgy process in production wastewater treatment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-20
Metallurgical industry products is various, the production process all series, emit a large amount of waste water, is one of the main wastewater pollution of the environment. The main characteristic of metallurgical waste water is large quantity and many kinds of, water quality is complicated. Hydrometallurgical wastewater composition is complicated, after neutralization precipitation treatment still has a small amount of heavy metal element content exceeds bid, and the waste water containing Na2SO4, NaCl salt is too high and not outside, non-ferrous hydrometallurgy process of wastewater treatment become wet metallurgy enterprise faces the main environmental problems and technical difficulties. This paper mainly studies the centrifugal extraction machine processing non-ferrous hydrometallurgy process in the production of waste water and energy saving management technology, seeking to crack non-ferrous metals metallurgy enterprise development environmental protection problem, can promote our non-ferrous metallurgical enterprises healthy development in the direction of the energy saving and environmental protection.

a, non-ferrous hydrometallurgy waste water pollution characteristics and significance of the

pollution characteristics of nonferrous metallurgical waste water
wet non-ferrous metal smelting enterprises is high water consumption, wastewater emissions big, variety, quantity is big, the pollutants in wastewater is one of serious water environment pollution caused by the industry. Nonferrous metallurgical waste water pollution to the environment has the following characteristics:. Wastewater; 。 Sources of pollution dispersion and complex; 。 There are many different kinds of metal pollutants; 。 Pollutants is toxic

2, centrifugal extraction machine processing non-ferrous hydrometallurgy process production wastewater research the meaning of

nonferrous metallurgy are divided into two categories, pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy
pyrometallurgy wastewater are mainly: flue gas purification equipment cooling water, cinder flushing water, wastewater, workshop clean water.
hydrometallurgy waste water is mainly for: flue gas purification wastewater and hydrometallurgical process waste water discharge or leak two, is the key object of governance.
hydrometallurgical process emissions or leakage of wastewater composition is complicated, a high content of pollutants, and waste water salinity is too high, can cause certain influence on the environment and not outside. And with the improvement of national environmental requirements and corporate environmental protection consciousness enhancement, adopt the method of conventional treatment can't reuse in the past, and not outside. Because governance cost and energy consumption is higher, the hydrometallurgy process, continuously produce high concentration wastewater and wet flue gas purification of wastewater treatment is very difficult to become a technical difficulty in nonferrous metallurgy enterprise and environmental problem. So, centrifugal extraction machine non-ferrous hydrometallurgy process in production wastewater treatment, the crack of non-ferrous metals metallurgy enterprise development problems, promoting China's nonferrous metallurgy enterprise healthy development in the direction of the energy saving, environmental protection, has very important practical significance.

3, centrifugal extraction machine characteristic of the waste water processing non-ferrous hydrometallurgy process production
general wastewater treatment method according to its principle can be divided into three broad categories: physical method, chemical method and biological method. Various processing methods has its own characteristic and applicable condition, according to different properties of waste water, sometimes with separate processing method, if not to the expected effect,, the use of the comprehensive treatment.

    1. The process of nonferrous metallurgy enterprise high concentration wastewater treatment with little amount of water or an extraction plant water treatment, is an effective method of energy conservation and environmental protection, has the good economic efficiency and social benefits.

    2. Current implementation is imposed by the mixing chamber of the suction force per level, does not need the other set interstage pump. No force during conventional process equipment capacity, prone to flooding, multistage series connection must be set when the interstage pump.
    3. Practices prove that small equipment in lab scale and mass production with large equipment effect is exactly the same, unnecessary to consider the amplification effect.
    4. Content of small machine, extraction solvent, solvent or detergent consumption small
5. Meet the explosion-proof, and the application of the poisonous and harmful and volatile medium environment and the requirements of GMP.
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