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Centrifugal extraction machine of ammonia nitrogen pollutants in wastewater treatment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-19
Ammonia nitrogen is a kind of nutritional pollution, its excess exists in water will cause serious harm to organisms and their environment. Therefore, deamination of industrial waste water discharge before work is particularly important. Ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment technology mainly include: selective ion exchange, biological denitrification, blowing off, fold point chlorination method, chemical precipitation, catalytic wet oxidation method, membrane method, electrodialysis method and machine, centrifugal extraction steam gas formulation of ammonia nitrogen pollutants in wastewater treatment, etc. Above wastewater ammonia nitrogen removal methods have their own advantages, there are also some drawbacks and application limitations, such as the processing cost is high, the strict conditions control, easy to cause the secondary pollution, etc.
centrifugal extraction machine of ammonia nitrogen pollutants in wastewater treatment is a more effective contact and mass transfer, separation process,. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction machine can not only achieve rapid split phase, greatly shorten the process time, and can overcome the problem of emulsion; At the same time also can carry out continuous production, simple operation.
reaction liquid and washing water from a separate inlet into the bottom of the machine, the high-speed rotating drum, two phase liquid into the complex vortex and turbulence state, full mixing and mass transfer. Then, the mixture in a rotating drum and fixed at the bottom of the impeller formed under the action of self-priming pump, through the center hole into the drum inside; In block flow plate under the action of mixed liquid into the state of high speed rotating, dense phase, moving towards the drum wall, the density is small, move to the center axis of a phase, after the separation of two phase from their final discharging mouth out, completing the process of mass transfer and phase separation. Compared with the traditional post-processing equipment of reaction liquid, centrifugal extraction machine of ammonia nitrogen pollutants in wastewater treatment has the high efficiency of ammonia. Source:
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