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Centrifugal extraction machine of balsam pear saponin extraction and separation

by:Deyuan      2020-08-21
Balsam pear extract is balsam pear as raw material, adopting the soaking and ethanol reflux extraction balsam pear saponins in advance, using centrifugal extraction such as extractive machine equipment to reduce the dosage of n-butyl alcohol and shorten the extraction time, extraction of saponins of bitter melon.
the product status: brown powder. Bitter taste.
the balsam pear extract active ingredients
are bitter melon, glycosides have bitter melon seeds, and other high energy fat eliminating, balsam pear polypeptide and amino acid citrulline, etc.
centrifugal extraction machine of balsam pear saponin extraction and separation of
1. Will go to the ladle fresh balsam pear seeds, slices, put in electric drum wind drying oven, drying under 105 e 015 h, 80 e drying to constant weight, 60 mesh pieces. Set aside.
   2. According to take 5 g balsam pear powder, and then to add a certain volume, different concentrations of ethanol for 24 h, then use the original concentration of ethanol reflux extraction time at different temperatures.
   3. 70 e water bath to concentrate after soaking liquid filter, and then dissolved in distilled water, petroleum ether defatted 2 times, combined water solution, and the enrichment of water to half its original size, saturated aqueous solution using n-butanol extraction twice, taking n-butanol phase to concentrate are brown, sticky, with the capacity to 10 ml, the methanol dissolved and balsam pear saponin crude extract.
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