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Centrifugal extraction machine of insulation materials plant treatment of wastewater containing phenol

by:Deyuan      2020-08-21
Insulation materials plant sources of wastewater containing phenol and its main ingredients, first put forward the comprehensive prevention and control of waste water containing phenol should be from the reform process, with low pollution technology and raw materials, as far as possible in the production of resin to vent on the wastewater from the process of recovery and comprehensive utilization and take measures to minimize emissions of pollutants. This paper introduces in detail the current relatively mature solvent extraction, using centrifugal extraction insulation materials plant containing phenol wastewater treatment. Industry overview

insulating materials insulation materials industry is one of the industry pollution is more serious in mechanical industry, its production technology is belong to the chemical properties due to the use of a large number of chemical raw materials, thus in the process of production to produce a lot of poisonous and harmful waste water. At present most of the factories to produce phenolic resin is given priority to, so they produced wastewater containing phenol. Besides phenol in wastewater, but also contains the organic pollutants such as benzene, aldehydes, alcohols.

insulation materials plant waste water insulation materials plant in the production of phenolic resin emissions, aldehyde, alcohol wastewater containing phenol, serious water pollution. The average production l t resin, O. 5 a 6 tons of organic wastewater containing phenol 6%, 2 ~ 3%, formaldehyde and methanol and other organic matter. If excess emissions, will make on the outskirts of farmland irrigation water suffer from severe pollution.

phenolic wastewater caused by the pollution caused by environmental problems mainly phenolic resin production is a problem of wastewater pollution of the environment, because of the different production process, operating conditions, different phenolic resin wastewater pollutants concentration is different also. The pollutants in wastewater is mainly of phenol, aldehyde, phenol concentration of up to 16 ~ 440 g/l, aldehyde concentration of 20 ~ 60 g/l, alcohol 25 ~ 272 g/l, the COD of hundreds of thousands of mg/l, belongs to one of the organic chemical wastewater treatment.

the significance of treatment of phenolic wastewater in our country's many rivers and lakes water and groundwater is polluted by phenol wastewater, waste water containing phenol has been listed as a key object of governance. Therefore, phenolic wastewater treatment is very meaningful, otherwise will bring great harm to the environment. Centrifugal extraction machine processing waste water containing phenol

the significance of the centrifugal extraction machine mixing and separation in one multi-function extraction equipment. Is mainly used in environmental protection, fine chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, wet metallurgy industries of liquid liquid extraction, neutralize or water purification process.
centrifugal extraction machine processing characteristics of the wastewater containing phenol
centrifugal extraction machine compared with other extraction equipment are: the equipment is small in size, high extraction efficiency, extraction flow than the big, wide applicable scope of materials handling system, etc, to improve product quality, reduce consumption, simplify the process, convenient operation, the expansion of production capacity, reduce the area has a better effect.
centrifugal extraction machine processing insulation materials plant containing phenol wastewater treatment plan
the core of the technology for the new type of chelating extraction agent and high efficient centrifugal extraction machine, complexation extraction insulation materials plant containing phenol wastewater treatment technology is a reversible complex should be combined with extraction separation process. Complexation extraction insulation materials plant containing phenol wastewater treatment technology, simple operation, less equipment investment, low consumption, recycling phenol can reuse, extraction raffinate phenol is lower than the emission standards, can create a direct social and economic benefits, is better than that of other domestic extraction technology of removing phenol. In 1991 is listed as national key scientific and technological achievements to promote the technology plan, in 1992 was named national best practical technology for environmental protection.

reference insulation materials plant, treatment of wastewater containing phenol - - 1988, 04 to engineering construction and design in this paper, website: http://www. cncuiqu。 com
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