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Centrifugal extraction machine plant extract artemisinin

by:Deyuan      2020-08-15
Artemisinin is made up of compositae plant artemisia annua whole grass of a new component of antimalarial activity, half as many as terpene double alkyl ester, molecules with the oxygen in the key. Its molecular oxygen in key for antimalarial activity groups, its with boron sodium oxide reduction and alkylation, acylation and can get higher artemisinin derivatives activity, become the successful development of a new drug. Centrifugal extraction machine plant extract artemisinin also get fast development.
artemisinin, insoluble in water, solubility in the oil is not big, tianyi extraction using Chinese medicine extraction technology using centrifugal extraction machine plant extract artemisinin, has received a lot of breakthroughs, this process short separation time, extraction yield can reach more than 92%, the yield of 11% higher than that of traditional method - Greatly reduces 59%, the extracting time, and reduces the cost.
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