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Centrifugal extraction machine platinum group metal extraction separation

by:Deyuan      2020-08-19
Machine with centrifugal extraction solvent extraction from containing platinum group metal material liquid extraction respectively with single process of platinum group metals, is a centrifugal extraction machine platinum group metal extraction separation technology. This method firstly used for precious metals chemical analysis, in the 1980 s has been used in industrial production. Compared with the traditional separation of platinum group metals, solvent extraction without solid-liquid separation operation, continuous process, safety, equipment investment and production cost is low, small metal backlog and returns to capacity, high recovery rate, is a kind of very promising platinum group metal separation methods.
centrifugal extraction machine platinum group metal extractive separation system is composed of organic phase organic solution and aqueous phase of the precious metal material liquid, two mutual miscibility or basic miscibility. Precious metal material liquid is made up of precious metal ore concentrate, containing precious metal scrap sundry materials such as high grade raw material selects the aqua regia dissolution respectively, hydrochloric acid, hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorate, chlorine leaching ( NaClO3 ) Leaching or roasting with sodium chloride on chlorine gas after the leaching method, etc.
centrifugal extraction machine of platinum group metals extraction separation technology in the development and improvement, also the main development direction are: the development of selective and extraction performance better extraction agent, in order to obtain more pure extraction liquid, simplify the production of pure metal refining process; Further perfecting the existing with high base metals and metal mixture extraction separation process, increase the efficiency of a straight; The development of new, more effective, rhodium, iridium extraction separation method to promote the application of solvent extraction in the platinum group metal regeneration. Source:
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