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Centrifugal extraction machine processing advantages of wastewater containing phenol

by:Deyuan      2020-08-31
Centrifugal extraction machine treatment of wastewater containing phenol advantage is less equipment investment, convenient operation, low energy consumption, and phenolics in recycling waste water effectively, suitable for high concentration phenol wastewater; Defect is in the process of extraction 'backmixing' serious, thereby causing loss to the solvent and secondary pollution. Use more traditional solvent extraction with benzene and N - 503 kerosene, isopropyl ether and tributyl phosphate ( 真沸点) And 803 # resin, etc.
days extraction through research to improve the treatment of phenol wastewater by complexation extraction method, the method for the separation of phenolic substances with high selectivity, can effective mining centrifugal extraction machine processing advantages of wastewater containing phenol, complexing agent of choice is the key to the complexation extraction, therefore, in recent years, researchers have developed various kinds of new type of chelating extraction agent. Such as: MacGlashan et al. Study the quality of the content is 25% of three oxygen phosphine (octyl TOPO) The diisobutyl ketone ( DIBK) Mixed solution; Developed by tsinghua university hybrid complexation extraction agent QH - 1; Dutch Nobel company developed a series of YH type stationary phase complexation extraction agent; Yin favourites such as study the cost of production lower stationary phase complexation extraction agent YH - 1.
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