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Centrifugal extraction machine processing extraction separation of protein drugs

by:Deyuan      2020-09-05
Centrifugal extraction machine processing of protein drugs extraction separation
protein is a kind of physiological function, complex biological macromolecular structure, composed of many amino acids with the aid of the peptide chain link. As a result of the peptide bond in front, folding formed the quaternary structure model of three dimensional space, different protein, the amino acid sequence and space structure, determines the they have different biological or physical and chemical properties.
with the progress of genetic engineering, many proteins can have use of microbial fermentation and cell culture technology preparation on a large scale, means and through the separation and purification of fine fine products, make more and more of the protein can be used as drugs used in clinical medical, plays an important role. Column as some protein in organism has the function of hormones, supplement the shortage of the human insulin, have fall blood sugar function; Some proteins are natural anti-infection drugs, such as interferon catalysts are widely used in clinical, columns such as many protease, amylase and cellulose enzyme can be used as digestion, anti-inflammatory drugs; Urokinase and even kinase to dissolve thrombus to have certain effect; L - Aspartic acid ammonia enzyme can be used to fight leukemia. In addition, some enzymes and special purpose, such as penicillin enzyme can decompose penicillin, used in the treatment of penicillin allergy. In conclusion, there are many kinds of protein and use is very wide, separation, extraction, refining methods are often � � methods in use.

organic solvent extraction method with interferon has good solubility and stability in the butanol, organic solvent extraction method may be adopted. Such as e. coli beta Interferon, and cellular debris of the interferon extract with n-butyl alcohol extraction, interferon into organic phase, and solid impurity ( Cellular debris, etc. ) Stay in the water phase, the centrifugal extraction liquid with pH = 7. 4, 0. 1 mol/L sodium phosphate 0. 1% SDS buffer extraction, and glacial acetic acid acidification, namely get interferon precipitation, obtained after centrifugal crude products.

extraction equipment centrifugal extraction machine as extraction dedicated centrifuge. Its characteristic is that the first fully mixed in the centrifugal field, lead to solute transfer, then two phase separation and discharge of fluids. Liquid phase from near the drum wall material, heavy liquid feed from the drum center. Inside the drum to form two phase dispersed countercurrent contact. Two phase reaches the other end of the drum and heavy liquid were concentrated in the center of the drum and the lining. Using tubular, multicellular type and structure of disc centrifuge made centrifugal extraction machine, give full play to the tubular centrifuge separation factor is high, the axial length, suitable for processing small density difference of two phase fluid, room type and the disc centrifuge for two phase liquid dispersion degree is high, the contact area is large, long residence time, etc, is advantageous to the extraction process scatter two-phase flow contact first, then make the two phase flow respectively enrichment process requirement. Called tube type, room type and the disc type centrifugal extraction machine.
due to accelerate the settlement of the droplets can take advantage of the centrifugal force layered, so allow fuel mixing that allow a drop finely, thereby strengthening extraction operation. Centrifugal extraction machine especially suitable for the small difference in density between or easy emulsification system, due to the material stay in the machine for a very short time, and can also be applied to chemical and physical properties of volatile substances extraction.
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