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Centrifugal extraction machine processing phenol wastewater in papermaking process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-20
Because of the large water consumption in paper industry, occurring in the process of papermaking wastewater, is also one of the important reasons of water pollution. It is primary problem of China's paper industry pollution control, is the chief problem of standard processing of industrial wastewater in our country. Papermaking process of a large number of phenols, toxic substances on the ecological environment and human health will be caused a serious threat. This paper mainly introduces, centrifugal extraction machine processing in a closed environment containing phenol wastewater in papermaking industry.

of the main ingredients of pulping and papermaking wastewater composition is complex, its composition depends not only on the method of the pulp, also depends on many factors such as the types of products and raw materials. Suspended material in papermaking wastewater mainly comes from the bark of preparation section, clippings, sediment, and emissions of soot from a furnace with the water, slag, pulp and paper loss in each process of fiber, packing, etc. ; BOD in the wastewater from pulp cooking process, such as the production of cellulose decomposition of sugars, alcohols, organic acids, etc. , in the wastewater COD and coloring substances mainly come from pulp cooking process of lignin and its derivatives; The toxic substances in waste water mainly include cooking liquid in the crude sulfate soap, bleaching effluent organic chloride ( Such as dichlorophenol and chlorine catechol, etc. ) , and trace amounts of mercury, phenol, etc. , because the grass fiber than major materials in our country, small enterprise scale, production technology and equipment, raw materials, energy and water consumption is big, make pulp and paper industry pollution is serious in our country.
produced waste water in papermaking process section classification
pulping and papermaking wastewater can be roughly divided into: pulping cooking liquor, washing and bleaching waste water and wastewater paper machine white water, etc. Alkaline pulp cooking liquid waste, also called 'black liquor', are the main sources of pulping plant. Cooking liquid

pulping black liquor contains pollutants accounted for paper industry pollution emissions more than 90%, and has the characteristics of high concentration and difficult degradation, its governance has always been a big problem. There are three main components of black liquor, namely, poly pentose and total alkali lignin. Lignin is a kind of natural polymer material, non-toxic as chemical raw materials with a wide range of USES, poly pentose can be used as animal feed.
middle part in the pulping wastewater is initiated by the black liquor extraction cooking pulp in the screening, washing, bleaching process out of waste water, color dark yellow, is the most serious pollution to the environment occurring in the process of chlorine bleaching effluent, such as chlorinated bleaching wastewater, hypochlorite bleaching wastewater. Hypochlorite bleaching wastewater containing mainly trichloromethane, contains more than 40 other organic chloride, which is suitable for most in a variety of chlorinated phenolic, such as chlorinated phenol, phenol of trichloride. In addition, the toxicity of bleaching effluent containing strong carcinogen dioxin, caused serious threat to the ecological environment and human health.

whitewater whitewater namely writing section of waste water, it comes from paper manufacture paper with pulp papermaking workshop process. Whitewater mainly contain tiny fibers, fillers, coating and dissolve the wood components, as well as add the rubber, wet strength agent, preservative, etc, is given priority to with insoluble COD.
centrifugal extraction machine processing paper industry characteristics of the phenolics
with centrifugal removing phenol extraction machine, equipment is small in size, high efficiency, small dosage of extraction agent, the characteristics of can save a lot of the cost of extracting agent, removing phenol rate above 98%. The current domestic companies in industrial wastewater emissions about 40 billion tons, including industrial waste water containing phenol about 0. Around 5%, about 2 billion tons. According to market research and forecasts domestic around 30% of the total discharge of industrial waste water containing phenol can use centrifugal removing phenol extraction machine, it will be altogether centrifugal extraction machine more than one thousand units.
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