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Centrifugal extraction machine refined phosphatide

by:Deyuan      2020-09-09
Centrifugal extraction machine of phospholipids refined oil mainly from oil refining process of hydration feet extract, extract the lecithin phospholipid concentrate, including phospholipids in more than 60%, the rest of the group are divided into neutral oil, fatty acids and other impurities. If you would like to further refine, usable acetone as the solvent, the oil and fatty acids were extracted and the phospholipids are not soluble in acetone, and therefore is regarded as acetone insolubles. Refined extraction process of the phospholipids in centrifugal extraction machine multipurpose batch operation, solvent ratio is 1, at least 2 - extraction 3, using multilevel cross-flow extraction.
to contain lecithin extraction phase, with centrifugal extraction machine to remove most of the acetone first, reoccupy dry vacuum to remove residual acetone, finally the infrared sterilization, quick phospholipids, the acetone insolubles by more than 90%.

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