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Centrifugal extraction machine right using method and common faults excluded

by:Deyuan      2020-08-28
In the laboratory, extraction equipment is used to test and pilot laboratory centrifugal extraction machine. And practical for mass industrial production should be a continuous type centrifugal extraction machine. At present, the solvent extraction technology has gradually from the research phase to industrialization. Although after a long time, but centrifugal extraction of fault how to repair? We took a look at the below.
    ( l) If no problem, check whether there is electric field coil break off or open circuit ( Internal)
( 2)
( 3) Violent vibration and noise: check whether there is imbalance problem, fixed machine nut is loose. Check whether the bearing is damaged or bent. If you have any bearing is replaced. If you have adjusted.
    ( 4) In the beginning, usable hand help to rotate or active again after cleaning oil.
    ( 5) Such as the problem is that the brush and commutator poor contact. If there is no question about the above, check for local magnetic field coil short circuit or by or rotor winding are local short circuit or open circuit, such as the above situation no matter which one have to rewind field coil or rewind rotor winding.

the correct way of using centrifugal extraction machine in a lot of experiments was studied when centrifugal extraction machine requires the extraction of the object. Centrifugal extraction machine is the use of centrifugal force to fast separation of mixed solution of specialized equipment. Such as biological cells, viruses, serum, protein extraction of the organic matter, inorganic matter solution such as the preparation work.
with ordinary centrifugal extraction ( The revolution in 4000 ~ 5000 r/min) The following is a brief introduction to ordinary centrifuge as an example of maintenance and repair.
ordinary centrifuge consists of motor, rotary table, governor. Casing, base and so on, the motor is high speed light load, but with the increase of load speed will be a sharp drop in.
( l) Before using the centrifuge must be placed in a steady, solid ground ( Mesa) . 
( 2)
( 3)
( 4)
( 5)
( 6)
( 7)
( 8) Should be regularly ( About a year)
( 9) The bearing of the motor should be filling grease on a regular basis.
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