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Centrifugal extraction machine station gas processing waste water containing phenol

by:Deyuan      2020-08-25
Gasification of solid fuel gas occurrence station for anthracite coal gasification fuel and to have two kinds of bituminous coal for gasification fuel. With anthracite coal for gasification fuel gas station cooling gas washing wastewater containing phenol, due to the low phenol content, do not contain tar, therefore is past is rarely, if ever. For bituminous coal gasification fuel gas station cooling gas washing wastewater containing phenol, contains high concentration of phenolics and tar, suspended solids, etc. Such as water treatment is bad, will affect the normal production of gas, at the same time, the phenol water discharge, cause serious damage to agriculture, fishery production, the pollution of water sources, etc.
gas generator is mainly introduced in this paper the main source and the harm of wastewater containing phenol. Contrast and common phenol wastewater treatment methods at home and abroad are reviewed, the principle and characteristic analysis of the current situation of phenol wastewater treatment process and the problems of all kinds of related technologies, the paper summarized the application prospect, discusses the development trend of phenol wastewater treatment technology.
the gas occurrence refers to coal as raw material to produce gas station wastewater plant waste water discharge. Mainly, coke oven gas waste water from coal washing trough, ammonia distillation apparatus, naphthalene scrubber and cooling system, etc.
gas station of waste water produced in production process can be divided into two parts:
a, phenol wastewater: this kind of wastewater is gas condensate, the adoption of hot gas coke gas, so this kind of wastewater containing phenol production basic no phenol water, containing many harmful substances in water, because of the waste water quantity is less, harmful substance concentration and high, so the phenol wastewater treatment by burning process, in this part there are users of coal water slurry will wastewater containing phenol and pulverized coal with coal water slurry, for boiler or drying tower hot blast stove burning; Application in coal water slurry cannot be used, phenol treatment within the last in charging water evaporator gasification layer cracking into CO, CO2, H2O, H2. ( This scheme for the heat to take off the pyro water without having to deal with)
b, dust wastewater: this part of the waste water is mainly produced by the rain and washed the ground and it has a part of the coal dust, and do not contain toxic ingredients, so this part will be concentrated wastewater into sedimentation tank, the precipitation in the back of waterway is as follows.
benzene solvent extraction is often used to recycle after phenol, ammonia produced by ammonia distillation apparatus as ammonium sulphate. Naphthalene scrubber is mainly except naphthalene, water in the tank from wastewater recycling naphthalene. Cooling water and other oil, waste water containing tar and suspended solids have separator and settling basin. Coke oven gas wastewater is hazel, opacifying shape, stank of phenol and naphthalene and containing phenol and cyanide, sulfide, ammonia and pyridine, etc. Preprocessing before recycling extraction of phenol, general after extraction of biochemical treatment of activated sludge system, achieve harmless.
the commonly used method of removing phenol with incineration method, solvent extraction method of removing phenol, steam removing phenol method, adsorption, activated sludge method, method of bacteria. This paper focuses on the centrifugal extraction solvent extraction removing phenol.
with centrifugal removing phenol extraction machine, equipment is small in size, high efficiency, small dosage of extraction agent, the characteristics of can save a lot of the cost of extracting agent, removing phenol rate above 98%. The current domestic companies in industrial wastewater emissions about 40 billion tons, including industrial waste water containing phenol about 0. Around 5%, about 2 billion tons. According to market research and forecasts domestic around 30% of the total discharge of industrial waste water containing phenol can use centrifugal removing phenol extraction machine, it will be altogether centrifugal extraction machine more than one thousand units.
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