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Centrifugal extraction machine to deal with the waste water containing phenol chemical API

by:Deyuan      2020-08-22
Chemical API sources include workshop process water and wastewater equipment line clear washing wastewater, drug extraction or refining process waste water produced by the solid-liquid separation, workshop staff clean water and the factory life waste water etc. At the same time, the sources include boiler sewage, wastewater discharge of cooling water, etc. In enterprise of waste water, waste water, dissolve into the composition of all materials used in the production process, including drug intermediates, unknown material and the target ( The remaining products) ; Include in the mixed wastewater aerobic and hypoxia under the condition of the new product.
in the national water research, pharmaceutical companies to mark records: water pollutants discharge can meet the pharmaceutical industry relatively few new standard limit on the number of pharmaceutical companies, chemical synthetic, fermentation, preparations of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment success rate was 9%, 12% and 30%, respectively.
the other according to the survey, the present domestic most of the urban sewage treatment plant, the water requirements for pharmaceutical industry wastewater COD for 300 mg/L or less, even so, there are still some chemical synthetic, fermentation, pharmaceutical enterprises can not meet the requirements, chemical synthetic proportion is as high as 46%, fermentation type was 16% � �
chemical pharmaceuticals production wastewater treatment for another reason, it is difficult often adjust according to the market demand is the enterprise products and production, the new production situation of pollution load of biological system, operation parameters and the original treatment facilities, conflict will often result in substandard for a period of time.
chemical pharmaceuticals in wastewater composition is complex, generally high concentrations of pollutants, contains a lot of poisonous and harmful substances, biological inhibitor ( Including a certain concentration of antibiotics) , refractory material etc. , with color and smell, high suspended solids content, easy to produce foam, etc.
the characteristics of wastewater quality in chemical API
chemical pharmaceuticals in wastewater mainly contains all kinds of natural organic matter, its main ingredients to sugars, organic acids, glycosides, anthraquinone, lignin, alkaloids, but rather, tannin, protein, starch and its hydrolysate etc. Many biological pharmaceutical wastewater containing refractory ring compounds, heterocyclic compounds, organic phosphorus, organic chlorine, phenol and unsaturated fat compounds. These material removal or conversion is an important approach to pharmaceutical wastewater COD removal. Chinese traditional medicine wastewater main pollutants of high concentration organic wastewater pollution, for Chinese medicine pharmaceutical industry, due to the different varieties of drugs in drug production process and production process, the effluent water quality and water have very big difference, and because the product replacement cycle is short, as the product replacement, effluent water quality, water often volatile, unstable. Another feature of Chinese traditional medicine wastewater is high concentration of organic pollutants, suspended solids, especially the proportion of lignin is lighter, difficult to precipitation of high organic matter content, high chromaticity, the wastewater could be better biological sex, more for intermittent emissions, waste water composition is complicated, the water quality of water change is bigger.
in the centrifugal extraction machine processing chemical API significance of wastewater containing phenol
due to centrifugal extraction machine has small size, large capacity, sealed performance is good wait for a characteristic, according to the separation requirements, processing capacity and system characteristics can be designed in different structure, can save a lot of the cost of extracting agent, removing phenol rate above 95%. The current domestic companies in industrial wastewater emissions about 40 billion tons, including industrial waste water containing phenol about 0. Around 5%, about 2 billion tons. According to market research and forecasts domestic around 30% of the total discharge of industrial waste water containing phenol can use centrifugal removing phenol extraction machine, it will be altogether centrifugal extraction machine more than one thousand units.
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