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Centrifugal extraction machine used in the pharmaceutical industry to extract vitamin B1

by:Deyuan      2020-08-26
Vitamin B1 and thiamine. Thiamine role in the body is in carboxylase, turn hydroxyl coenzyme form of acetaldehyde enzyme system in sugar metabolism, is material metabolism and energy metabolism has a critical material foundation. Vitamin B1 is also involved in the body of the oxidative decarboxylation, necessary for the branched chain amino acid metabolism. In addition, vitamin B1 to promote normal appetite, gastrointestinal peristalsis and the secretion of digestive juice, etc. Also play an important role. Vitamin B1 mainly exists in the outside of the seed and germ, such as rice bran and bran is rich in content, content is extremely rich in yeast. Lean meat, Chinese cabbage and celery also relatively rich in content. Currently used vitamin B1 are synthetic products. In the body, vitamin B1 in the form of coenzyme involved in the catabolism of sugar, protect the role of the nervous system; Also can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase appetite.
vitamin vitamin b1 is purified by people, in 1896 the Dutch kingdom scientists first found vitamin b1 and 1910 for Poland chemist FengKe extracted from rice bran and purified. It is a white powder, soluble in water, alkali easy to decompose. Its physiological function is to increase appetite, to keep the normal neural activity, such as the lack of it will have to beriberi, neuropathic skin � �, etc. Adults need to eat 2 mg a day.
it widely exists in rice bran, egg yolk, milk, tomato, etc in the food, now can be seen by synthetic. Because its molecules contain sulfur and amino, so called thiamine, also called beriberi vitamin. It mainly exists in seed husks and germ, rice bran, wheat gluten, soy, yeast, lean meat and other foods rich in content, in addition, Chinese cabbage, celery, and Chinese medicine windproof, plantain seed is rich in vitamin b1.
to extract vitamin b1 hydrochloride as monoclinic crystal; Vitamin b1 nitrate is colorless triclinic crystal, no moisture absorption. Vitamin b1 soluble in water, with the loss of water in the cleaning process, after heating food in b1 mainly exist in the soup. Such as food processing carefully, cooking or canned foods, vitamins will be a large number of lost or damaged. Vitamin b1 heating is easily destroyed in the alkaline solution, whereas in acidic solution of thermal stability. Oxidant and reducing agent also can lose its effect. Thiamine (vitamin b1 into after oxidation dehydrogenation Sulfur is also called the pigment, , which can present blue fluorescence under ultraviolet light, vitamin b1 to make use of this feature can be detection and quantitative.
vitamin b1 in the body into a thiamin pyrophosphate ( Also known as the auxiliary carboxylase) , to participate in the metabolism of sugar in the body. So vitamin b1 deficiency, the oxidation of sugar within the organization. It also has the role of inhibition of cholinesterase actiity, lack of vitamin b1 in the enzyme activity is too high, acetylcholine, One of the neurotransmitters) A lot of damage to nerve conduction is affected, can cause gastric bowel peristalsis slow, the digestive tract secretion decline, loss of appetite, indigestion and other obstacles.
vitamin centrifugal extraction machine production methods of three major
centrifugal extraction machine used in the pharmaceutical industry to extract vitamin B1 to a great extent, promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry, to improve the present situation of the medical industry of our country. There are three kinds of production methods of the main vitamin.
   1. Microbial fermentation and micro algae including biological process, generally referred to as the biological synthesis is developing very fast.
   2. Chemical synthesis are main methods in the production of vitamin have to.
   3. Natural extraction from natural foods that are rich in vitamin or concentration, extraction and medicinal plants. At present, only a handful of vitamins by extraction method. But with the development of the extractive industry and market, will leap development of the natural extraction.
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