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Centrifugal extraction machine used in wet smelting copper hydrometallurgy

by:Deyuan      2020-08-22
Hydrometallurgy is to utilize the ore leaching agent, ore concentrate, calcine the valuable metal components and other materials dissolved in solution or in a new solid phase precipitation, and extraction for metal separation, enrichment of science and technology. Because of the metallurgical process is mostly done in aqueous solution, therefore calls hydrometallurgy. The hydrometallurgy process is relatively complex, this paper mainly introduces the centrifugal extraction machine applied in extracting copper hydrometallurgy process.
the history of hydrometallurgy
hydrometallurgy of history can be traced back to 200 BC, western han dynasty in China is useful by bluestone copper. But hydrometallurgy of modern development and the success of wet zinc smelting, the invention of the bayer method production of alumina and the development of uranium industry and in the 1960 s the invention of the hydroxyl oxime type of extraction agent and applied to the wet smelting copper is inseparable.
hydrometallurgy process and status quo
as ore grade and to the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, the role of hydrometallurgy in non-ferrous metal production is more and more big. Hydrometallurgy mainly includes solution leaching, solid-liquid separation, purification, metal extraction in the solution and waste water treatment unit operation process.

copper smelting by wet process application solvent leaching of copper ore or concentrate, and then extracting copper from leaching solution. The main process includes leaching ( See the leaching) , such as purification, extraction process. The world's wet copper smelting production accounted for about 12% of the total output. Since the 1960 s, in order to eliminate SO2 pollution, in wet smelting copper sulphide for a lot of research, but due to the economic indicators are not as good as fire wet processes mostly stay in the test and small-scale production stage.
wet copper is oxidized copper ore is mainly used for processing. There are copper oxide direct acid leaching and ammonia leaching ( Or ammonia leaching after reduction roasting) Method; Widely used on, acid leaching ammonia leaching limited to deal with the combination of high calcium magnesium oxide ore. Deal with sulfide ore is multi-purpose sulphation roasting - Leaching or directly with ammonia and chlorine salt solution leaching method. 1) sulphation roasting - The copper leaching method is to concentrate into soluble copper sulfate dissolution; (2) liquid ammonia leaching method is converting copper to copper ammonia complex dissolution, leaching liquid inside the autoclave with hydrogen reduction, made of copper powder, or solvent extraction Electric integrated legal system take electric copper; Chlorine salt leaching method is converting copper to copper chloride complex into the solution, then the diaphragm electrolysis electric copper.
machine centrifugal extraction solvent extraction hydrometallurgical
by using certain metals in organic solvent in aqueous solution and in aqueous solution, allocation proportion is different, when a good contact with organic phase and water phase and water phase some metal will selectively transferred to the organic phase, this transfer process is known as the extraction of metals. In hydrometallurgy, commonly used in aqueous extraction of valuable metals or as a means of solution purification. Because contact with aqueous and organic solvents are liquid, and is often called the solvent extraction liquid liquid extraction.
and other separation process, such as precipitation, ion exchange, compared to remove solvent extraction has high extraction and separation efficiency, exempt from filtering, less reagent consumption, high recovery rate, large capacity, easy to realize automation and continuous, etc. In recent years in wet metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection and other departments widely used.
a extraction system is usually composed of mutually dissolved organic phase and water phase. Organic phase is composed of extraction agent and diluent, aqueous phase containing one or more often by extraction and separation of metal ions. Be extract from organic phase to aqueous solution is known as reverse extraction. According to the water phase whether material liquid containing suspended solids are divided into clear liquid extraction and pulp extraction. By the number of extraction process selection of extraction agent in two or more known as synergistic extraction and reverse extraction together.
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