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Centrifugal extraction machine using chloroform extraction solvent NMP

by:Deyuan      2020-09-02
Chemical enterprise in the production and processing of NMP wastewater pretreatment is required, will be one of the NMP extracting organic recycling, treated wastewater into the biological for subsequent processing. So, what choose extraction agent, is a issue for the customer.

chloroform is a common extraction agent, choose the chloroform extraction in NMP wastewater treatment effect is remarkable. , a client has a project that the customer has a large number of wastewater containing 30% NMP, capacity is 15 cubic /, the selection of extraction agent is chloroform, the extraction of centrifugal extraction customer wants to know the effect.

centrifugal extraction machine is liquid-liquid extraction equipment, main is to use from the material liquid organic solvent for extraction and separation equipment, the equipment is widely used in chemical, wet metallurgy, environmental protection, petroleum chemical industry etc many fields of extraction, extraction, washing and so on unit operation.
centrifugal extraction machine compared with other traditional extraction equipment, its working principle is to rely on centrifugal force of two phase fluid mixing and separation, short mixing time, high extraction efficiency, thus get fast promotion. So what are the specific performance advantage centrifugal extraction machine?

centrifugal extraction machine performance advantages:

1, simple structure, stable - — Using suspension single fulcrum structure, processing area at the bottom of the bearing and mechanical seal, no leakage risk, solved the centrifugal extraction machine failure frequently, the problem of short service life, save the costs for equipment maintenance.

2, energy saving, — Capacity bigger, more energy saving, Under the condition of same capacity, its power consumption is a traditional annular structure of centrifugal extraction machine 1/10 ~ 1/3) 。

3, corrosion resistance, — Equipment is available in using perfluorinated polymer materials, resistant to strong acid, Hydrochloric acid and mixed acid, etc. ) The corrosion.

4, mixing, separation effect is good, — A variety of hybrid structure is optional, high separation efficiency, can be applied to easily emulsifying system.

5, heavy phase weir plate easy to change - — Material system changes, the heavy phase weir plate can realize quick change, the operation is simple and convenient.

6, equipment to save small amount of liquid - — The effective volume of equipment.

7, a high degree of automation, — Can realize online real-time monitoring equipment operation data, can be selected in accordance with GMP standard online cleaning system, fully able to adapt to the intermittent and continuous operation.
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