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Centrifugal extraction machine using solvent extraction technology applied in the extraction and separation of organic compounds

by:Deyuan      2020-09-01
Solvent extraction is also called the liquid - Liquid extraction, it is a kind of extract, separation and enrichment of useful substances from aqueous solution separation technology. Because the technology has advantages of good separation effect, high extraction efficiency, can realize large-scale continuous production and the advantages of easy to realize automation, in recent years is widely used in many industry departments, is a worthy of further research and application of effective technology.
early solvent extraction technology is mainly used in the extraction and separation of organic compounds. Since the birth of organic chemistry, the solvent extraction technology has become the indispensable means of separation and purification of organic compounds. People to adopt some not being mixed with water soluble organic solvent leaching from natural products or organic reactions in aqueous solution, is produced by the extraction, separation and purification of organic compounds.
CWL - M type centrifugal extraction machine extraction of organic compounds in research and application status of
1, the application in the petrochemical
petrochemical aromatics and fatty hydrocarbon separation is an important process. Solvent extraction technology has been widely applied in aromatics extraction, commonly used there are four glycol ether extraction agent, sulfolane and dimethyl sulfoxide, etc.
solvent extraction is widely used in kerosene and oil refining, is widely used is furfural extraction agent, etc.
2, its application in pharmaceutical industry,
many drugs heated easy to decompose, cannot use the conventional distillation method to separate. Therefore, the solvent extraction technology has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, especially applied to the extraction and separation from the fermented liquid of antibiotics. Production of penicillin batch fermentation process, the fermented liquid after filtering, using butyl acetate extraction. Because penicillin highly stable to acid, alkali, therefore, extraction equipment adopts two contact. cwl - a very short time M type centrifugal extraction machine.
in addition, the solvent extraction in the extraction of the antimicrobial products or intermediates, separation also have A wide range of applications, such as vitamin A, B12 and C are applied in the process of production.
3, the application in chemical industry
in the chemical industrial distillation or precise fractionation method is commonly used in separation of organic compounds, but in some cases, this approach does not apply. Need to separate compounds, for instance, between the boiling point is very close to, or producing constant boiling compounds, or heating easy decomposition, etc. In these cases, consider using solvent extraction technology.
4, and its application in biological chemical
with the rapid development of biological chemical, solvent extraction in the post-processing of biological products is playing a more and more important role. In addition to the isolated from fermented liquid antibiotics and vitamins, solvent extraction has important applications in the following aspects.
4。 1 the extraction of organic acids
many organic acids, such as citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid box of itaconic acid, etc. , is a primary metabolites in biological body, now the use of microbial fermentation method. However, organic acid extracted from fermented liquid products, traditional calcium salt precipitation - A heavy and complicated processes - H2SO4 acid method, shortcomings and so on extraction rate is low, the serious environmental pollution. Solvent extraction method to extract organic acid from fermented liquid of research work is very active in recent years, especially for high yield of citric acid is put forward by using tertiary amine and TROP etc. New technology of extraction.
4。 2 amino acid extraction and separation of
amino acid is a kind of biochemical products has extensive application value. Adopt from protein hydrolysis and fermentation are a mixture of many kinds of amino acids. Usually, separation by ion exchange method, but it only intermittent production, and operation is multifarious, production cycle is long. Application of solvent extraction separation of amino acids in recent years a lot.
4。 3 protein separation of
with the development of biotechnology, the urgent need to develop a new method suitable for the separation of proteins. Conventional precipitation, salting out, column chromatography and electrophoresis separation methods, such as small capacity, high cost, low yield and non continuous operation, limited the industrial application of them. The new method requires large quantity, good selectivity, and easy to zoom in and can realize continuous operation. Although conventional solvent extraction technology has these advantages, but hydrophilic protein is not soluble in organic solvent, and when they may occur when in contact with organic solvent conformational change. Has developed in recent years some opinions and two kinds of aqueous two-phase extraction technology, can meet the above requirements, the research work is very active. Following a brief introduction to these two kinds of separation methods, respectively.
aqueous two-phase extraction is to use some water-soluble polymer compounds, such as polyethylene glycol (peg) and some inorganic salts, such as potassium phosphate, ammonium sulphate aqueous solution can be divided into two water phase, consisting of different proteins in both the distribution of water and have different properties. Such a system, low interfacial tension characteristics of biological macromolecules and mass transfer, at the same time also can prevent their conformational change. By reverse micelles are
is to use organic solvent to extract containing surfactant. By reverse micelles are formed in the organic phase, and protein can be solubilization to surrounded by organic solvent in the 'pool'. Its simple operation, mild reaction conditions, can keep unchanged, the actiity of the protein and selective for different proteins.
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