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Centrifugal extraction machine waste sulfuric acid recycling treatment technology

by:Deyuan      2020-08-23
Waste sulfuric acid of recycled
waste sulfuric acid in the sulphuric acid concentration is higher, but the processed recycled. Processing mainly is to remove the impurities in the waste sulfuric acid, as well as the densification sulfate. Processing methods have a concentration, oxidation, extraction and crystallization, etc.
days extraction using extraction method and treatment of waste sulfuric acid
extraction method is to use a good contact with organic solvent and waste sulfuric acid, the impurities that make the waste acid is transferred to the solvent. To the requirement of extracting agent is:
( 1) Is inert, for sulfuric acid reacts with sulfuric acid is not soluble in sulfuric acid;
( 2) The impurity in the waste acid in the extractant and sulphuric acid has a high distribution coefficient;
( 3) Cheap, easy to get;
( 4) Easy and impurity separation, extraction loss is small.
common extraction agent are benzene class ( Toluene, nitrobenzene and chlorobenzene) And phenols ( Creosote, crude phenol) , halogenated hydrocarbons ( Trichloroethane, dichloroethane) , and N - isopropyl ether 503, etc.
CWL - The 450 series centrifugal extraction machine working principle:
( 1)
weight two-phase mixing and mass transfer process solution according to certain proportion respectively from two feeding tube into the drum and shell type ring gap formed between the mixed zone, with the aid of the rotation of the drum, through the turbine disc and the impeller to make two phase mixing and dispersing quickly, two phase solution fully mass transfer. Complete mixing and mass transfer process.
   ( 2)
mixture two-phase separation process under the action of vortex disk into the rotary drum, in the plate to form the bulkhead area, mixture quickly with synchronous rotary drum, in under the action of centrifugal force, the heavier than major phase fluid in the process of upward mobility and gradually away from the drum center on the drum wall; Small proportion of liquid phase gradually away from the drum wall and on to the center, after clarification of two phase fluid end respectively through their weir plate into the collection chamber and the tube was closed to derivation, respectively, to complete two phase separation process.
CWL - Description of 450 series centrifugal extraction machine performance characteristics:
1. CWL - 450 series centrifugal extraction machine used in the extraction process of large and medium-sized enterprises, generally is continuous counter-current multistage operation, can be designed and manufactured according to customer needs we will be able to drum diameter is 350 mm Any centrifugal extraction machine, 450 mm. cwl - The 250 series centrifugal extraction machine drum diameter is 450 mm.
2。 The equipment high extraction efficiency, phase equilibrium set up fast, easy to implement series single stage or multistage counter-current or wrong washing and extraction, high mass transfer efficiency and grade efficiency approaching 100%, stop not to undermine the established after concentration distribution at different levels, can at any time at all levels of sampling, facilitate testing.
3。 Reliable continuous countercurrent flow of implementation is imposed by the mixing chamber of the suction force per level, does not need the other set interstage pump
4. Investment cost is low, small content of machine product, extraction solvent, solvent or detergent consumption small
5. Mainly used in the extraction process of large and medium-sized enterprises, can completely solve the type enterprises of various extraction process
. cwl - 450 series centrifugal extraction machine technical parameters:


CWL450 -

CWL450 - N

drum diameter ( mm) 450


mixed flux ( L / h) 15000


speed ( r / min)

0 ~ 960

0 ~ 960

the separation factor 464


run power ( 千瓦)

3~5. 15 5


380 v 380 v

flow ratio scope for

1/30/1/30 ~

1/30/1/30 ~

suitable viscosity ( cps)

3000 or less

3000 or less

scope (difference in proportion between g/ml)

0. 03~3

0. 03 ~ 3

liquid solid content of the

front-rear mouth diameter

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